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Drug Rehab Centers West Palm Beach: If you live in West Palm Beach and are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction Stepping Sober can help? If your addiction is ruining your relationships, making you age much quicker than normal and in general controlling and ruining your life… Stepping Sober will help you.

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Stepping Stones Recovery  offers an outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment program for residents in West Palm Beach that enables you to become healthy, strong and influential. This is your journey to recovery and mental health. We are here to provide an intensive system for you by supporting your mental, physical and spiritual health. Here’s our goal: that by completing our program, you will discover yourself and achieve lasting health. If you own this journey, you’ll leave Stepping Stones Recovery Center equipped with the best tools for living a fulfilling life. Reviews of a variety of rehabs are available here.

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At Stepping Stones Alcohol and Drug Detox and Addiction Center near West Palm Beach our staff is devoted to assisting you and or your loved ones recover from addiction.

At our addiction and drug detox center near West Palm Beach, we also have experience in treating:

  • Heroin Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Crack Cocaine Addiction
  • Prescription ADHD Stimulants (e.g. Adderall, Ritalin)
  • Xanax, Valium, ect
  • Crystal Meth
  • Prescription painkillers – Opiates (e.g. Vicodin, oxycodone)
  • Marijuana
  • Crystal meth

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We offer modern and comforting techniques for drug detox at our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment West Palm Beach

Couples Addiction Treatment

Heroin Detox

Alcohol Detox Report

Approved Drug Rehab Therapy

Suboxone Detox Study

Looking for places in West Palm Beach for Drug Rehab?

Stepping Stones Recover has an Intensive Outpatient Drug Abuse Program (IOP) With Addiction Recovery Residence

The Stepping Stones Recovery Center Intensive Outpatient Program is designed for those who cannot go to inpatient residential drug treatment or an alcohol program.

While drug and alcohol addiction treatment center near West Palm Beach, you’ll discover hope and fulfillment begins to replace fear, anger and loneliness to all eligible applicants seeking treatment. Our exclusive approach applies to our total environment in addition to traditional treatments to addiction we also offer Addiction Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapy (EFT)s.

Different Drug Treatment options which are available for patients around West Palm Beach.

Stepping Stones Drug Rehab Centers West Palm Beach offers Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Couples.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not fun. This is because once you get hooked on to it, there is no way to get out of it. Addiction not only hurts your but the people that love you.  However, addiction is even more intensified if couples are in the drug addiction phase together. This means that two people are running their future

But if now you are thinking of quitting it together as a couple, there is absolutely no doubt that it is a wonderful decision that you are undertaking. Not only are you taking the necessary initiatives to build a brighter future, but you are attempting to improve your lifestyle as well.

Even though you might have heard about drug treatment centers, our West Palm Beach drug treatment center for couples might come as a surprise and even a shock to some people.

Believe it or not, but drug treatment centers do definitely exist for couples in West Palm Beach.

So when it comes to choosing a South Florida drug and alcohol rehab, there are certain options which can be presented for patients. This means that you can go with either an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. In other words, you can either get yourself enrolled in the rehab center or can even get the treatment done from the comfort of your own home. Regardless of which option you seem to go ahead with, the main thing is that you can get yourself out from this addiction.


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