Intensive Addiction Treatment Program With Recovery Residence


The Intensive Outpatient Program is ideal for patients that are suffering from a heroin addiction but cannot enroll in our inpatient treatment programs for varying reasons. The substance abuse treatment facility is also suitable for recovering addicts that have recently passed out of an inpatient program. The IOP provides an advisory curriculum that focuses on a deeper learning of inpatient rehabilitation teachings combined with techniques to avoid relapse. It can also help patients deal with recurring withdrawal symptoms. Our addiction treatment program is built on discipline, structure, hope and the tools to progress after recovery. We have over 25 years of experience with heroin addiction and other substance abuse problems.


Many patients have reported that our therapy programs have been unique and life changing. Providing home for former heroin addicts is a task for experienced professionals and we’re here to help. Our range of programs also includes couples detox, alcohol detox, drug rehab therapy and Suboxone detox study. can provide the future that every addict deserves.

My Experience in Substance Abuse Treatment For Heroin Addiction


“I’m Paulito, a grateful recovering Heroin addict from Michigan. I have seven months clean today. I am a success story. My past life was using and abusing substances for 34 years. By the Grace of God i am not dead. Or in Prison for life. My heroin addiction took me to Prison 12 times. I have overdosed on heroin several times. Basically dope destroyed my professional life. I am working on putting my career back together a Day at a time. I attend AA several times a week, I have group counseling 3 times weekly. I also see a Psychiatrist for my mental health illness. I take the medications that are prescribed.  I do not want anything to spark the heroin addict in my brain. I just want to say Life does get better if you stay clean.We have to put in the work and will not want to blow this one chance.”



Florida Substance Abuse Treatment Professional

Our Addiction Treatment Center Goals

At Stepping Sober, our 3 main goals for patients are simple and effective:

  • Get Healthy

Similar to other rehab and treatment programs in the country, we have a 30 day program that deals with heroin addiction, withdrawal and treatment. We are dedicated to give patients a second chance at life and have targeted rehabilitation programs to help. In case, patients need additional help, they can choose to enroll in sober living programs.

  • Strength

Overcoming a heroin addiction is in no way an easy process. It involves the use of varying techniques to make patients strong enough to get their lives back. Professional help is necessary, especially during the withdrawal stage of the substance abuse treatment. Intense cravings and a whole lot of negative symptoms affect patients at this stage and it is important that Therapy from Licensed Counseling professionals is sought out. Once patients complete our treatment program, they will have the necessary strength to deal with life outside the treatment center.

  • Influential

We aim to make our patients influential members of society, instead of just surviving. Our program has numerous techniques that help patients become stronger and more active members of their communities. Heroin can seriously hinder a patient’s participation in different areas of life; our drug rehab treatment programs help with getting rid of addiction completely and give recovering addicts a shot to become a significant part of their communities.


” The fear of prison and the drug task force getting involved in my 22 yr old daughter, maria’s life, worked for 90 or more days to keep her seperate from the heroin addiction.
but as soon as maria paid her fines, and graduated her classes, she relapsed back on dope.
I can’t take this anymore. she has to hit her bottom which is different for all heroin addicts. sometimes death itself is the bottom.
I had to lay down the enabling law yesterday and cut her off by not helping her with cash anymore. Maria understands that I refuse to help her if she’s using heroin. but it broke my heart. I have a extremely hard time as a mother setting boundaries and I’ve been in al-anon for a few weeks now.
I just wish she would get the program like you Paulito and go to meetings and do what ever she has to do to stay clean. I want her to beat this heroin addiction and go to rehab.
Being clean is  a simple life ,not always having to find ways to get their next fix , no roof over their heads or a place to call their own, they live out of bags and forgetting where their clothes are, they’re always losing things which causes anxiety in itself, they don’t eat so look like walking zombies and they can’t keep a job! How can that be an easier life in comparison to a clean life?
why would a person want to chose dope over a clean life?
I don’t think children decide when they’re little, to be a drug addict when they grow up. some people are harsh and without compassion when they judge heroin addicts.
I used to think they could just stop using on their own, but now I see that they really need rehab centers, a lot of support systems, medication or therapy, what ever you want to call it.
Suboxone treatment alone will not stop them. they can generally stop taking the suboxone, sell it, and get high. then when they can’t get the dope, they wait 24 hours to take the suboxone for withdrawal.
That is what my daughter Maria is doing now. she’s not using the heroin detox system properly.”



Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews publishes studies about the success of opiate detox therapy  in recent years. Most of these reviews formulate the need for larger, multicenter, randomized clinical trials of longer duration, some conclusions can be drawn from existing heroin detox results.

Many reviews found that high-dose MMT  is more effective in keeping patients in treatment than low-dose MMT . We found that methadone at flexible doses was more effective in keeping patients in drug rehab than buprenorphine and suboxone. A second look at results found that low-dose methadone was less effective than buprenorphine or suboxone, and that high-dosage methadone has better results of abstinence.

Cochrane reviews also found that oral substitution detox treatment was associated with high reductions in heroin injection and needle sharing, as well as less criminal behavior in patients with multiple sexual partners and a reduction in prostitution which also went along with with reductions in cases of HIV infection.

Some pain is common among opioid-dependent patients, prescription approaches are limited. We  found that treatment using escitalopram, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, was selected with reducing pain severity and pain interference during the initial 3 months of treatment.

Preventing heroin abuse and relapse

Randomized, placebo-controlled trials have now shown that an injectable, sustained-release form of naltrexone  called Depotrex increased retention of patients in treatment for opiate abuse. Further studies are necessary to evaluate the effects of this treatment modality.

In a double-blind random, 24-week trial, 270 patients with opiate addiction were given monthly injections of an extended-release formula of 310 mg of naltrexone or placebo.The recent study found substantial benefit in the active treatment group, with abstinence rates of over 70% . Other heroin detox measures confirmed this benefit, with a median retention of 28 days in the naltrexone group. coupled with 96 days in the placebo group, and reduced craving in the suboxone group. Given the valuable addition to the detox methods of treating heroin addiction. proving its value  in diverse groups of patients.