Heroin is being mixed on the street with the powerful prescription drug fentanyl, an opiate medication like oxycontin or Vicodin. Hospitals and inpatient detox facilities, are reporting this mixture in overdose case files. It commonly comes in pill form, colored to look like popular pain killers, also being mixed with heroin. A small amount of Fentanyl powder can kill even an experience opiate or heroin addict accustomed to high doses.

Deadly combinations of drugs like fentanyl are killing many addicts quickly in New York these days. Two years ago Maine and other new england states suffered sudden deaths from the dangerous mix, as drug dealers experimented with different formulas sold as heroin. Formulations are cheap and marketed as a replacement for very expensive pain pills like oxycontin.

Patients showing up at detox centers for heroin addiction are testing positive for both drugs. Even pain patients, who never used drugs recreationally are finding themselves “Physicallydependent” on these opiates and experiencing withdrawals. Many are coming into detox centers in New england reporting that a few pain pills per day became several and then 9 or 11 per day, before they ran out of their monthly supply and realized they had need detox for addiction.

Heroin will not let you go quitely. If you become physically dependent, and try to stop without going to a detox center or rehab, your body, now addicted, will keep urging you to continue taking the drug. The withdrawal symptoms that occur after stopping heroin use, are often severe enough to make addicts return to the drug, just to not-feel-sick. Injecting high doses make the withdrawal sickness can be so severe that shooting heroin doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

That’s why heroin detox is so necessary these days with the epidemic proportions. And New england states now have a disaster occurring daily that needs to be handled.

Outpatient Medical Detoxification is the first step in addressing an opiate addiction. The process of detoxing from heroin or opiate pain medication, manages the withdrawal sickness for you, while the rest of your well being mentally requires support from therapists and counselors. Getting clear of the drugs and into the proper recovery path takes hard work. Addiction wreaks havoc with family relationships, personal, and professional lives.