Subutex for Medication Assisted Treatment


As you may have heard, opioid addiction is reaching crisis levels in the United States. This chronic disease can affect anyone. There were close to 2.4 million reports of people who battled a heroin addiction or an opioid addiction in 2013 according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Opioids are known as prescription painkillers, or the street drug heroin. The most successful form of treatment currently available to those who suffer from an opioid addiction is Medication Assisted Treatment, also known as MAT. This treatment variation combines medication and behavioral therapy for substance use disorder (specifically for heroin addiction. Statistics show MAT has been over 50% more successful than traditional treatment methodology. Subutex for medication assisted treatment is a main medication that is prescribed.


“For every major, chronic, life-threatening disease, there’s always a combination of therapeutic modalities that are used. For instance, in hypertension, we tell people to exercise and lose weight and quit smoking and don’t eat salt in their diet and by the way, take this antihypertensive [drug],” Gitlow said. “For opioid use disorder, it’s really the same thing.”


One common medication name that is prevalent in Stepping Sober’s MAT programs is Subutex. The medication is a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine. Other common medications seen in MAT programs are Vivitrol, Suboxone, and Methadone. 

The Ingredient in Subutex:


Buprenorphine: Originally approved by the FDA for clinical use in 2002, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies it is safe and effective. Use of buprenorphine lower the potential for abuse, lower withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and increase safety in case of overdose.


Subutex is the brand name for the ingredient buprenorphine. Usually Subutex would be prescribed for the first two days after you have stopped using all other opioids (heroin or prescription pain medications). After a short time on Subutex, you will be switched to a different medication that has a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine to reduce abuse potential.


Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction

MAT for addiction treatment has two parts, the first part being the administered medication (Subutex), and the second being the therapy that goes with the medication. Stepping Sober can refer you to Grade A Level clinicians that can help clients heal their whole life starting with the physical aspects and then moving over to spiritual and emotional healing of the mind and soul. Having a therapeutically managed MAT program ensures that recovery is the main goal and that these medications have no potential for abuse.


We at Stepping Sober prefer Suboxone, Subutex and Vivitrol as our top recommended medications used with MAT for heroin addiction. We do not administer Methadone to any of our clients, but recognize this has been a widely used treatment when talking about MAT for heroin addiction. We also refer to medical detox facilities that will taper off methadone. Stepping Sober has many relationships with opioid addiction rehabs that use Subutex as a medication option. Each client will have a unique treatment program according to their individual needs. To learn more about any of the above mentioned medications, just click on the appropriate linking.  

How Subutex Inpatient Drug Rehab Can Prevent Overdose

When there is someone who is suffering from a heroin addiction or opioid addiction the clinical approach to each individual’s situation is a non-judgemental attitude when it comes to addiction treatment. We know that relapse happens and we understand everyone has their unique situations and personalities and this is why customized subutex drug rehab is essential in order to achieve sobriety.

We see Subutex in MAT programming extremely successful when it comes to clients who have been in and out of drug rehabs various times in the past or recent years. Subutex works by blocking the cravings and receiving therapeutic care at the same time. Subutex drug rehabs and MAT programs have high success and low relapse rates. We are ready to use any therapy that can aid in overdose prevention because at Stepping Sober our main concern is savings as many lives to overdose deaths as possible.


Stepping Sober’s Suboxone for Medication Assisted Treatment


Stepping Sober can refer you to a variety of inpatient facilities that offer Subutex as part of the addiction treatment protocol. Studies have shown that clients who attend inpatient programs with MAT, have higher success rates of staying off heroin for up to one year. Health insurance providers have stopped requiring pre-certification for Subutex in addiction treatment.

The conversation about MAT is changing in the addiction treatment industry. In recent years, more inpatient facilities are coming around to the facts that abstinence based treatment is not the most successful method to stay clean. As mentioned with the quote at the beginning, there should be multiple options of treatment for those who suffer from heroin or opioid addiction. Statistics do not lie, when relapse rates are cut in half by medication assisted programs, methodology changes.

So no matter the prescription medication of choice or the therapies that go along with the MAT, the most important aspect of treatment is making sure that the individual who is suffering is given a customized treatment program that is specific to their individual needs. At Stepping Sober we take pride in only offering our clients customized treatment planning.


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