Addiction Treatment in Illinois

Drug and/or alcohol addiction is a dangerous disease that affects 1 person out of every 10 age 12 and older. The numbers are staggering, and they’re on the rise. What causes someone to turn to drugs varies from person to person. One person tries it recreationally and becomes addicted. Another person is born addicted by an addicted mother. Some people turn to a specific drug or alcohol to ease the pain of something else, whether it’s depression, stress, illness, or the loss of a loved one. Being an addict is difficult, but being the loved one of an addict is just as difficult.

Many couples look for heroin addiction treatment together, whether they’re both addicted or only one is addicted. It’s not easy for couples, or even other loved ones, to find help for an addict who’s not ready to go through detox, drug addiction counseling, or rehab. Addicts have to make the decision on their own to seek help, because that’s what works. While there are many people pushed into rehab by loved ones who succeed, most people only succeed when they’re able to admit they have a heroin or other addiction that requires drug rehab or professional help.

Couples, parents, singles, siblings, friends, or addicts looking for rehab should know what to look for. It’s not easy to choose the right rehab facility with so many to choose from. Knowing the person who needs treatment help, what their particular addiction consists of, and their medical history plays a significant role in choosing the right detox facility. Here’s how to get to know what’s right for yourself or your loved one.

What Kind of Addiction Counseling is needed?

Couples, family, friends, and addicts need to know the specifics. What is the person looking for rehab suffering from? Is the addiction alcohol or is it heroin? Is it a mixture of both, or something else entirely? Every rehabilitation center is different, and every addict is different. Sending an addict with a heroin addiction to a facility primarily for alcoholics makes no sense. Get to know the addict’s substance of choice, and find the right facility based on that information.

Understand Detox

Detox is difficult to deal with no matter what you’re addicted to. It’s not easy to go through the detox process complete with any number of withdrawal symptoms. Couples and family members of addicts must understand what this consists of, because it’s shocking to see and hear about detox when it’s occurring. It’s painful. Addicts are taken away from their substance, and their bodies go through withdrawals. Depending on your health history, family history of substance abuse, the substance you’re addicted to, and the length of your addiction play a significant role in the severity of your symptoms. You or your loved one might be fortunate enough to go through the simplest symptoms of withdrawal, or you might not be so fortunate. Symptoms include:

– Mood swings
– Nausea
– Vomiting
– Anger
– Irritability
– Fever
– High blood pressure
– Seizures
– Shakes
– Tremors

These are some of the most common symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal, but it’s not a guarantee you or your loved one will experience any of them. There’s also no guarantee how severe you’ll experience these withdrawal symptoms or how long you might suffer.

Are Drugs Used to Treat Addiction?

Some rehab facilities use drugs to treat addictions. Suboxone, for example, is used to treat pain associated with narcotic addiction. If you or your loved one suffers from a heroin addiction, suboxone is one of the drugs the treatment facility you choose might use to help treat the pain during the detox process when dealing with heroin addicts.

Suboxone withdrawal is dangerous when mixed with alcohol, which is why you should know when drugs like this are utilized in a treatment facility. It’s also one of the biggest reasons complete honesty is required when attended rehabilitation. Many addicts and their loved ones choose to avoid facilities that use drugs such as suboxone due to the potential side effects. Suboxone is highly addictive, and it’s dangerous when doses are too high.

Post Drug Addiction Treatment Efforts

One of the best ways to tell a facility is a winner is by looking into what they offer their patients following completion of their program. Does the facility you’re considering offer aftercare programs? Are the treatments individual and personalized to each client who comes through the doors, or are the treatments one-size fits all? You know what you or your loved one needs from a rehab facility, and it’s your job to find the best one.

Choosing the right facility increases your chances of successful recovery. Whether you’re one of those couples looking to repair your relationship by seeking treatment, a family member of an addict, or you are the drug addict, it’s imperative you make an educated decision choosing a drug rehabilitation facility.