Tips on Controlling Anger for Addicts

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Tips on Controlling Anger for Addicts – Tips for Recovering from Stepping Stones Recovery Center a Drug Treatment Center Serving West Palm Beach and South Florida. 

At one point or another, you will deal with anger either before, during or after addiction treatment It’s necessary to find ways to control it, when you’re healing from addiction.  There may be many reasons to explode.  You may feel that someone or everyone needs to apologize or may have turned against you.  Your fight has just begun, if you’ve made it a plan to let go of your addiction.  Here are a few tips for learning to control the anger that will help you along this journey.

Unless someone has done something to you that is unsafe, or prevents you from having your basic needs met, there are very little things in life meant to be taken personally especially during addiction treatment  Ask yourself if the person(s) is causing you harm in some way.  Are they preventing from living in a positive environment somehow? Are you being abused in anyway? These are all questions that you must answer to stay on the right track. 

If you kick a stone in anger, you’ll hurt your own foot. ~Korean Proverb

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Sometimes anger is warranted during addiction treatment. For many of us, our thoughts and words have been suppressed for way too long.  We may need to confront the person who’s done us wrong but this doesn’t have to be done in a confrontational way.  Often time writing a letter is just as good and possibly even more effective. When someone is reading a letter versus arguing, there’s no exchange of words making a confrontation scarce.  Just be informed, that the person may not like what’s in the letter. But in many cases this can be an excellent way to communicate to someone.

addiction treatmentWhen someone annoys us or causes us to feel angry it’s important to understand what’s triggering that anger first.  If your well-being is in danger, you may have a right to be angry and should seek activity that allows you to vent in a healthy manner. If you feel that you’re in harm’s way with someone, seek help.

Anger is a bad counselor. ~French Proverb

If you’re angry because you’re having a bad day, then redirect the anger.  Speak to a counselor or your therapist.  Talk to your sponsor or someone that you can trust will give you the truth and not just appease you. 

Seek tools such as yoga, breathing exercises or some other form of physical fitness to release that stress.

Pick up a pen and some paper and write everything down.  You can choose to read it later or throw it away as a symbol of letting go of the stress and anxiety. 

No matter what you’re dealing with, keep in mind that you can gain your sense of control.  Remove yourself from a bad situation if you have to, just don’t let anger consume you.  It’s oftentimes a response that can be warranted and used as a part of you defense mechanism. 

Everyone has the ability to be angry from time to time.  It’s up to us as individuals how we channel that emotion.  Finding positive tools for anger management is crucial to your long term success. Just pick one or several the point is, you’ll eventually find something that works for you.

Never give up.


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