Sober Support: A Must In Early Recovery

Sober Support: A Must!

People. Places. Things.

Three things we are constantly hearing in the rooms. In early recovery all three of these concepts change. Typically one of these aspects lead to the reasons behind how your life was unmanageable and in the downward spiral of addiction. Now that you are embracing your new life in recovery, some of these old habits and surroundings need to change. Recovery is all about personal growth. This can only happen with the help of a good support system and overcoming the need for alcohol and drugs.

Relapse, it is the main reason to have a dependable sober support system, those you surround yourself with in early recovery can help you deal with feelings that can lead to relapse.

Your sober support, they are the ones who know how you’re feeling because they’ve been in your shoes. We call the first 90 days of early recovery the especially fragile time, so during these early and trying times, your- surroundings are extremely important.

Pre-recovery, you were living life a little differently. The people you surrounded yourself with in active addiction and the places you frequented probably were not the best atmospheres. When you made that decision to live a life clean and sober, you made a commitment to your recovery. When you made that decision, you knew the sacrifice that must be made when it comes to changing your lifestyle. This change will also include cutting people, places, and things out of your life that no longer correlate with your goals of staying clean and sober.
The only way to succeed in the early journey of staying clean and sober and to avoid relapse, is surrounding yourself with new healthy friends who are also in recovery.

With most treatment programs, an aftercare program is typically initiated by the client’s case manager. An aftercare program encourages multiple forms of sober support and typically includes sober living options, 12-step meeting locations, and follow up calls from an alumni department to check in from time to time. Stepping Sober Recovery Center’s home base facility in the beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is in the heart of recovery central. The recovery community of South Florida is second to none. We encourage clients to stay in this environment in early recovery because of all the benefits that stem from a strong sober support team. During clients’ step-down levels of care, they are integrated into this local community by attending local 12-step based meetings.

In cases where a client decides to return to their hometown and it is not as recovery friendly, our on-staff case manager will look into the local recovery support in that area and relay this information to the client.

In early recovery it is up to the individual to stay true to their process and take the steps to ensure sustained sobriety. By surrounding yourself with sober support you are encouraging checks and balances on your life in recovery. Those familiar with the steps have no problem with calling someone out if they are not making the right decisions to ensure their abstinence from drugs and alcohol, being accountable to someone makes relapse less likely.

There will be hills and valleys to overcome throughout your journey in recovery. The most successful way to overcome challenges and avoid relapse is to have a strong sober support team surrounding you at every turn.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or relapse, call Stepping Sober Recovery Center today: (800) 518-5205.

Tips on Controlling Anger for Addicts

Tips on Controlling Anger for Addicts – Tips for Recovering from Stepping Stones Recovery Center a Drug Treatment Center Serving West Palm Beach and South Florida. 

At one point or another, you will deal with anger either before, during or after addiction treatment It’s necessary to find ways to control it, when you’re healing from addiction.  There may be many reasons to explode.  You may feel that someone or everyone needs to apologize or may have turned against you.  Your fight has just begun, if you’ve made it a plan to let go of your addiction.  Here are a few tips for learning to control the anger that will help you along this journey.

Unless someone has done something to you that is unsafe, or prevents you from having your basic needs met, there are very little things in life meant to be taken personally especially during addiction treatment  Ask yourself if the person(s) is causing you harm in some way.  Are they preventing from living in a positive environment somehow? Are you being abused in anyway? These are all questions that you must answer to stay on the right track. 

If you kick a stone in anger, you’ll hurt your own foot. ~Korean Proverb

Stepping Stones Recovery Center is a South Florida Addiction Treatment Center

Sometimes anger is warranted during addiction treatment. For many of us, our thoughts and words have been suppressed for way too long.  We may need to confront the person who’s done us wrong but this doesn’t have to be done in a confrontational way.  Often time writing a letter is just as good and possibly even more effective. When someone is reading a letter versus arguing, there’s no exchange of words making a confrontation scarce.  Just be informed, that the person may not like what’s in the letter. But in many cases this can be an excellent way to communicate to someone.

addiction treatmentWhen someone annoys us or causes us to feel angry it’s important to understand what’s triggering that anger first.  If your well-being is in danger, you may have a right to be angry and should seek activity that allows you to vent in a healthy manner. If you feel that you’re in harm’s way with someone, seek help.

Anger is a bad counselor. ~French Proverb

If you’re angry because you’re having a bad day, then redirect the anger.  Speak to a counselor or your therapist.  Talk to your sponsor or someone that you can trust will give you the truth and not just appease you. 

Seek tools such as yoga, breathing exercises or some other form of physical fitness to release that stress.

Pick up a pen and some paper and write everything down.  You can choose to read it later or throw it away as a symbol of letting go of the stress and anxiety. 

No matter what you’re dealing with, keep in mind that you can gain your sense of control.  Remove yourself from a bad situation if you have to, just don’t let anger consume you.  It’s oftentimes a response that can be warranted and used as a part of you defense mechanism. 

Everyone has the ability to be angry from time to time.  It’s up to us as individuals how we channel that emotion.  Finding positive tools for anger management is crucial to your long term success. Just pick one or several the point is, you’ll eventually find something that works for you.

Never give up.


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Recovery: Poetry & Writing for a Happier You

Poetry & Writing for a Happier You During Recovery

Everyone loves a story about recovering or fighting demons and coming out out top.  It’s the classic story.  Here are some tips you can use to get you through the addiction recovery process.

It may be a difficult day that you’re going through.  You may see those for a while, when you’re climbing the hill to recovery.  While there are a lot of different tools out there that can be used such as yoga, meditation, and eating healthier foods, writing is yet another tool that will allow you an outlet that’s not only creative it’s also therapeutic.  Here’s some tips for using writing as a tool for your success.

Write down your thoughts giving it a new twist.  You’re in complete control over what you write and how your brain will take you down specific trails that lead to pen and paper.  Keep an open mind, don’t be afraid of it, just let it flow.  If it’s gibberish or a new made up language, you get to create whatever it is.  The more you write, the more enjoyable it becomes. 

Write a letter to your mother, father, co-worker who ever may have made you feel angry, hurt you or helped you write a letter to them.  Make it fifteen pages long if necessary, write a letter a day so that person or persons can understand what you went through during treatment.  This can be a real eye opener when you read to your counselor or therapist.

Write a screenplay starring you and you.  One exercise used in therapy modalities or treatments is writing a screenplay about you are starring you and you.

It might be better to give you an example:

You:  I never trusted you, I thought you would fail, but look at you now.

Me: I never thought I could do it either, but I’m glad I did.

It sounds odd, but you’ll find it to be very effective. 

Write a short story about whatever you want.  If you’ve got a pressing issue write it down, include it in a character’s storyline, give it a beginning, a middle and an end.  Present the story to your counselor or health practitioner during your sessions to break up the monotony of treatment.  Read it to the group if you feel it’s helpful.  You can be whimsical, delightful or gloomy, it’s your story, your creation and it’s coming from the creator, YOU!

Don’t worry about being perfect.  Writing doesn’t have to be perfection.  Just spew out anything that comes to mind and get it down.  You can always go back and change it later on.  For now, you just want to get the word out, whether it’s on paper, the screen or verb into a recorder.

Using Your Device: Many cell phones include some type of recording app where you can voice record your thoughts and then type them out later on.  Using this as a tool can be really innovative because you’ll find that some of your most brilliant thoughts come when you’re least expecting it.  In the middle of the night, while driving a car or riding the bus, by keeping this app open, you’ve got fast access to your most profound thoughts that help to make a solid story. We naturally as human beings lose our thoughts quickly.  Short term memory loss, is common even in clean individuals so it makes sense to record your thoughts the moment they come. By waiting your treasures will be lost and that can be forever, so write it down. 

Usable Apps: Writing apps like Grammarly, Ginger, HemingwayApp can all give you extra tools that can make you a better writer.  Games like Verb Smash and English Idioms are excellent resources and most are free.  They can be downloaded to cell phones, computers or tablets. 

If you’re limited to resources, then stick to pen and paper.  It’s a big deal to get a blank notebook, and new pens, then writing until you’ve filled the book.  You can later look back and feel a sense of accomplishment, because it is.

Get it published to help others.  Getting your work published isn’t difficult.  Start a blog, or write your story and reach out to a publisher that specializes in assisting those facing issues with addiction.  Why? Because these publishers may have hidden resources to help with any costs that incur from the publishing process. One way to find these folks is to look up books, written on the topic.  The publishers given credit in the book, are a good place to start.

Using places like Facebook for your writing can be detrimental.  Refrain from using this site for posting intimate and personal pieces of work.  You never know who’s looking.  Potential employers, police, your ex is all people that can hack into your Facebook or other social media page.  Don’t post anything that can bite you later on.

Studying is one of the best things you can do while recovering.  If writing is something you’d like to do as a career, then go online, register for classes do whatever it takes to learn.  By learning things like language, grammar, spelling and punctuation can improve your chances of employment.  It’s never too late to learn how being a wordsmith and it can be one of the most successful careers if pursued.

By using these tools, you may find a new interest or wake up an old one. There’s very little money needed to write as a craft or hobby.  It allows you to be creative and gives you an alternate form of therapy that can reach deep within being super effective leading you to a brighter future.

If you or someone you know is suffering through issues such as depression or any other unstable environments, please contact your counselors.

Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Florida is an Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine and substance abuse recovery center.

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Treatement Center for Cocaine Addiction – Boca Raton and Palm Beach County

Cocaine addiction treatment center Boca Raton

If you live in Boca Raton or anywhere in Palm Beach County and find yourself suffering from a cocaine addiction, then you can obviously understand the extent of damage that you are doing to yourself and to your life. In this case, not only are you making yourself go through torment hell, but your family and loved ones are suffering with you as well. So rather than doing this to your life, you can actually do something to make matters better for everyone around you. This means that you can get yourself enrolled in our cocaine addiction treatment program. Located in Palm Beach County we have one of the finest cocaine addiction treatment centers, it might happen that you are completely cured from your addiction. In addition, it might also happen that you are taking all the necessary steps in creating a better life for yourself.

Therefore, if you are looking for a  Boca Raton cocaine addiction treatment center, you might be seeing that there are tons of options being presented in front of you. However, you cannot go ahead with any one treatment center without gathering the necessary background information. After all, it is a matter of your life and future. So you will have to make sure that you are dealing with this matter in a very serious and delicate manner.

Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Help Couples Who Seek Drug Addiction as Well.

So when it comes to choosing a cocaine addiction treatment center in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or Palm Beach County, the first thing which you will need to look out for is what kind of result you are actually expecting from the drug treatment program. Now this is something which you will have to decide before you start your search for the drug treatment centers. This is because different programs tend to yield different results. Again, these results also seem to vary from one person to another. And that is actually quite normal. This is because no two people can be suffering from the same level of cocaine addiction. So when it comes to the road to recovery as well, these two individuals will have to take different paths.

Therefore, before enrolling in our drug treatment program in West Palm Beach, this decision needs to be taken by you and your family members. This is something which would be understood best by you people. However, a certain amount of caution should be exercised when making this decision. This is to prevent dealing with the negative consequences in the long run.

The next thing which you would need to look at for cocaine addiction treatment center Boca Raton is the timing of the results. In other words, are you looking for short-term or long-term results? In the case of short-term, the time period is usually 28 days. As for the long-term, this can stretch to over six months or more, depending on the needs of the patients.

Another thing which you would have to keep in mind is whether the drug treatment center relies on any kind of drug which would be toxic or harmful in itself. If it does, it would also be a good idea to see what kinds of alternatives are being provided. This is because you would not want to kick cocaine addiction just to get yourself addicted to another drug. This would actually pose to be a bigger problem that what it already is.


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Our recovery centers in Palm Beach County and Boca Raton offer an outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment program that enables you to become healthy, strong and influential. This is your journey to recovery and mental health. We are here to provide an intensive system for you by supporting your mental, physical and spiritual health. Here’s our goal: that by completing our program,  you will discover yourself and achieve lasting health. If you own this journey, you’ll leave Stepping Stones Recovery Center equipped with the best tools for living a fulfilling life. Reviews of a variety of rehabs are available here.

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Meditation for Recovering Ninjas

Meditation for Recovering Ninjas

While you’re in the process of going through recovery there are many things that you can do to improve your health and situation. Things like exercise and meditation are excellent outlets for you to attach to that don’t involve a lot of time or money. Meditation is one method of being able to clear your mind, sleep better and sort through your thoughts.  Here are some other things about meditation that you may not know that can help get you back on the right track.

Meditation can be done anywhere.  Because meditation is done with just your mind and no other tools or equipment are necessary, this practice is very easy to achieve in even the smallest of places. Find a quiet place, whether it’s indoors or out, use a cushion, blanket or matt and make that your personal meditation area.  You’re setting yourself up to be more disciplined and by giving yourself the frame of mind that you meditate daily using this blanket, or other place to sit on will enable you to make it more of a routine.

Meditation for recovering addicts.

Quietly sit, with eyes closed, neck out, sitting up straight, focus all your thoughts on your breath.  Breath gently in and out. Each time your mind tends to wander, grab your thinking and pull it back to focusing on your breath.  By making your breathing the focus point, you are learning to train your brain to function when you want it. You are learning to control it. This is a vital process that will help you in other areas as well, but for now just focus on breathing and learning to close off all other thoughts until you’re ready to add more.

Meditation enables seeing, hearing, emotions and speech improvements.  Blood flow increases during times of meditation.  Your mind gets rewired and the gray matter responsible for muscle control becomes more productive. The key is to keep trying even when you seem like it’s impossible. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to meditate for more than 10 minutes at a time. Know that even with these shorter intervals, you will be physiologically changing the way your brain is functioning for the better. Most people when they first start, find it difficult to control for more than 5-10 minutes.  As long as you do it every day, you’ll be noticing a difference.

Help and Detox from Substances – Call Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Florida

Your thoughts and your sense of focus will become clearer. Because you’re will be disengaged with the thoughts that are detrimental to you, you will find that your focus is so much more clear. Another exercise of mindfulness is to sit on a busy park bench or perhaps a bus stop.  When a stranger is seen walking, allow your mind to be fixated on mantra of some sort. As the person keeps walking don’t focus on them, focus on the thought allowing the person to walk on without your becoming enthralled in the walker, but rather your thoughts.

These are just a few of the benefits of making meditation become one of your daily routines. Routines are good when going through recovery. They give you a sense of control and stability, even when you’re used to chaos.

By making meditation a part of your everyday ritual you’ll be taking more control of your life and will find that other things are easier to deal with.

For information on starting a recovery program or if you’re in need of assistance contact our staff for answers.

Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Florida is an Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine and substance abuse recovery center.

Three Empowering Words: I Don’t Drink

Three Empowering Words “I Don’t Drink” 

Accepting a life of being sober is often times challenging for those who have become addicted.  The first couple months are the most difficult.  By valuing your life and who you are NOW, you’re taking back your control.  Here are a few tips on learning how to say “NO” without having to explain your entire life history that could save your life and keep you on the right track.

“I Don’t Drink” is one of the most empowering phrases that you can use to respond to someone who is offering you a drink.  Say it with conviction, by looking them straight in the eye and feeling that you’re in power.  After hearing yourself say this a few times and recognizing how people react, you’ll be taking control of your situation and not becoming a self-made victim.  Self-made victims spend too much time worrying about what others think and not enough time on what they personally think.  No one has the right to force you to drink.  Nobody can tell you NOT to drink either.

Remember that this is your life and you have the ability to turn down anything you want. “What the mind can conceive it shall achieve”. Make this your mantra.

If you feel that people won’t respect your wishes by telling them that you don’t drink, then go to plan ‘B’.   Plan B allows you to make up a response that can deter people from pressing the issue of you joining the party without having to force a cocktail down your throat.

“I’m done drinking for today”

“I’ve got to drive home”

“Just finished a drink”

“I don’t like the way it makes me feel”

“Drinking makes me get a stomach ache”

“I’m allergic to alcohol”

Stepping Sober is a personalized drug rehab and alcohol treatment program in Palm Beach County with intensive outpatient for individuals or couples who still need intensive treatment.

Any of these responses should allow you to be polite while avoiding somebody from negotiating with you in joining them. 

No matter what the situation may be, you will be faced at one time or another with being around alcohol again. While many people will avoid being anywhere there’s an alcohol present in the beginning of their journey, they must continue to build strength and be prepared for the day that they’re released back in the ‘wild’ again. The point is you’re not going to be held in captivity and it’s your choice to make about whether or not you’re going to break the cycle that will ruin your life.

Be strong, seek help if necessary.  If you have a sponsor always remember to keep their phone number on speed dial.  People will help you, if they recognize you’re trying to help yourself. Make it obvious that you have chosen a sober lifestyle.  You never know who you may inspire by taking back your control.

Need more information on our Palm Beach County addiction treatment facilities? Contact us today!!

If you or someone you know, is suffering from addiction seek help.  You know that you can do this.

Replacing Addiction with Attachments

Replacing Addiction with Attachments – From Stepping Sober, Drug Treatment centers in Palm Beach County

In order for someone to overcome an addiction, you need motivation, courage and the right tools to get you through this crucial time.  First, you need motivation to get up and get over it.  It takes 21 days to form a habit, therefore it takes that same amount of time to break one. If you’re going to overcome an addiction, you need to have the motivation to get started and to stay on the right path.  One day sets you back months, so you need to ask yourself, “Is this worth it?”.  The next element needed is courage.  If you don’t stand the test of being strong, it will be easier for you to relapse.  Tell your addiction, it’s you or me. You have to be strong enough to say, you’re worth the effort to break this habit. Be brave to stand up to it.  Courage leads to strength.  You need to be stronger than you’ve ever had to be before. Stay strong and watch the world get out of your way. The last thing you need is tools to help you get through each day. Here are a few tools to keep in your back pocket to help you turn your addiction into an attachment that you can overcome.

First change your thinking.  Anyone can become addicted to anything at any time.  You’re no different. By thinking of addiction as more of an attachment it’s easier to maneuver. If you were addicted to, let say, rolled tacos, if you found something to replace those delicious rolled tacos that was just as satisfying and perhaps even better it would be easy to stop eating rolled tacos.

Replace old crowds with new ones.  We all know that the influence of other users and abusers is very difficult to overcome.  By finding positive non-user friends and groups to attach to, you’re now placing the strength back into your own hands. The more you hang out with people that have similar attachments, the harder it is to break free from the attachment.

Which came first the addiction or the illness? Many people out there develop or discover that they are suffering from mental illnesses. Almost all of these illnesses are treatable. It’s not uncommon to find that people suffer from both illness and addiction. Most therapists will recommend that getting your illness under control by a health care practitioner is key to getting the addiction under control.  Once you’ve become routine for managing your health, you can seek alternatives to your poison whether that’s drugs, alcohol or both.

Make Stepping Sober your choice for  your Drug Treatment centers in Palm Beach County

Be careful for addictions that come from medications.  If you’re attached to something the doc has prescribed, then get a second opinion and let them know that you are in a fight to overcome this attachment and you don’t want to get attached to something that could be worse. By being upfront with your physician or psychologist you are in control, not them.  Remember one pill can lead to a lifetime of med attachments.

Get into and stay in treatment.  This is key to your survival. Eventually you’ll break the habit of the addiction and it will allow you to be free from the path that you’ve been on. Find a good counselor.  Many people find that attaching to a higher power gives them the strength but also the forgiveness they’ve needed for years to break the chains of addiction.

Have the “Drive to Survive”!  You can do this and it’s your choice if you want to make it or not.  Ask yourself what you’re getting out of attaching to your drug of choice.  Are you trying to feel better?  Are you trying to avoid your parents or some other stress? Have you gone through a major life altering situation? “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve” so remember that by telling yourself you’ll get through this, find positive attachments to replace the drugs or the activity that’s causing your life to be out of control.

If you’re attached to the fun of partying, then find a new hobby that will be more beneficial to you and those around you. No matter what your situation, your past, your present these are all things that you can find solutions to.

Need more information on our Palm Beach County addiction treatment facilities? Contact us today!!

If you or someone you know, is suffering from addiction seek help.  You know that you can do this.

Natural Foods That Soothe the Mind During Recovery

Natural Foods That Soothe the Mind During Recovery – Tips from Stepping Sober – Palm Beach County addiction treatment specialists. 

What you eat during recovery is extremely important.  Alcohol and drugs deprive the body of its natural processes. The body’s healing mechanisms become out of whack.  Things that are important, like sleep are disrupted and if you’ve faced hard times you know that even an hour of sleep can be hard to find. By having a proper diet and finding other attachments to replace your old ones, can help speed up your recovery process giving you a higher quality of life.  Here are a few of the foods that will help to soothe you, along with helping the mind relax and find comfort.

This is a quick grocery list for you with items that can be found in places like 7-11 and in some gas stations if you’re in need of fast solutions that cost very little.



Veggie Soup

Milk (If you’re not Lactose intolerant)





Dark Chocolate

Nuts and Seeds

Protein items like turkey and tuna are great sources of Tryptophan and Tyrosine and help increase blood flow, but have also created a relaxing effect on the body.

In countries like India, honey is found to be helpful with sleep.  Many people claim that by adding this to a cup of chamomile tea, it enhances the melatonin creating a mellow feeling and promoting sleep.

Things like veggie soup and oatmeal are comfort foods that can warm any day.  Try a little brown sugar and cinnamon in your oats in the morning for a chance to treat yourself to a great day.

Milk is known to have a calming effect on the body. Because it contains minerals like Lactose and other important nutrients that can help you sleep more soundly.

Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants to help cleanse and purify you.  This is also found to have a satisfying reaction much like you feel when you fall in love.

Nuts and seeds are an excellent snack item and some of these delicious selections contain serotonin.  Sunflower seeds aren’t just a great pass time; they also create serotonin levels to rise.

Bananas induce electrolytes in the body.  They are full of potassium which is a part of the electrolyte production.  You can often find fresh bananas at places like 7-11 and in some gas stations and not just the grocery store, making these an ideal snack.

Let’s not forget celery. Celery will help your digestive system and creates a calm sensation throughout the body.  If you like to eat things like chips and other munchies, celery is a good replacement because it has crunch factor.

By relaxing you create a healthy environment for the body to heal.  Physiologically, the body will have lower blood pressure, a reduction in stress hormones, an increase in blood flow and reduction in muscle and chronic pain. These are just some of the benefits of eating better and selecting nutritious food as an attachment that replaces the neglectful diet you may have had.

Looking for an alcohol addiction treatment facility Palm Beach County?  Contact one of the staff at Stepping Sober Today!!

If you’re having difficulty sleeping or relaxing, you may need to have the help of a physician.  Contact our offices for any additional help.

How You Deal with Your Day Starts in The Morning?

How You Deal with Your Day Starts in The Morning – From The Addiction Treatment Specialists in Palm Beach

I just want to be humble at all times.” Mike Tyson

Because addictions are really attachments, we know that we need to do the following:

· Detach from One

· Replace it with something else

· Embrace the new attachment

· Reflect on what work and what didn’t

Without following this format, it makes things a lot harder.  If you’re coming from a bad place, remember you don’t need to be there.  Reaching out to someone you can trust is important and if you aren’t seeking the health care needed by a qualified professional, your path to recovery will be delayed. 

You may not be in at the level where this information makes sense to you yet, but when you get there you may find this important to remember.

Detaching from your attachment or addiction is a difficult time.  Even the strongest people undergo struggles, but there is a way to get help.

Be humble in the morning when you first wake up.  Give yourself credit if you’ve made it through another night of being clean and working toward your goal to be free. Why not make your first re-attachment be Grace or Humility? Are you grateful for the help of someone recently? Did yesterday work out better than you thought? Did you have toilet paper? Be grateful for the things that are going your way, no matter how miniscule. 

Believing in a higher power is a very effective choice for many individuals. Spiritual belief can be a strong re-attached when replacing addictions.

Once you’ve found a positive attachment to replace the old one, embrace it.  Love it, hug it, grab a hold of it and don’t let go.  Make it belong to you.  Try to get a hobby like music or art. Some type of outlet for you that’s inspirational. Many of us feel that we need to take our world back, but many people think that this is the first time they’ve taken over their world, whoever you are, it’s time to fight that attachment and replace it with waking up in the morning and feeling humble, because you’re grateful for you.

If you or someone you know is suffering through issues such as addiction, reach out to one of our Palm Beach drug rehab specialists. 

Contact Stepping Sober today to get more information on our drug and alcohol rehab facility in Palm Beach County.

If you need help with any emergencies, remember to dial 911.