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Dealing with Drug Use in the Workplace

Speaking to the Employer or Business Owner

The drug opioid epidemic in the U.S. is not something to take lightly. After having been declared a State of Emergency back in August, it has made many small company owners take the time to consider what their current policies are for drug use and abuse in the workplace. The odds of drug abuse taking place within a company is large, businesses across America have had to crack down on their policies or procedures when it comes to drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Based on the Department of Health and Human Services’ 2011 nationwide investigation, 18.9 people nationwide recorded drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and out of those numbers 52% were employed.

“A lot of employers overlook the signs,” says Cali Estes, an expert drug and alcohol counselor who works with companies and individuals dealing with substance exploitation in the office.

There are a variety of physical signs of alcohol or drug addiction or dependency.

Physical signs of drug or alcohol abuse are easiest to see. Common signs are the smell of alcohol on an individual’s breath or bloodshot eyes. Other signs that are less obvious of drug and alcohol addiction are many unexcused absences, late arrival or leaving early from the job. Some drugs that are known as uppers may make the individual more energetic. Someone who is up and on foot around all the time and who looks really full of activity, but isn’t getting anything done might be expressing signs of addiction, Estes states.

The price of substance abuse in the workplace is upsetting to both small and large companies. For example, if an employee drinks a lot, uses illicit drugs or abuses recommendation medications is more likely to be injured or to make faults on the job. He or she is also more likely to overlook work and have disagreements with superiors and coworkers. While it is vital that each owner has a drug-free place of work, an employer must also have an empathetic approach toward those who abuse drugs or alcohol.

Addiction is similar to most other diseases in the sense that it can happen to anyone at any socioeconomic level, even workers who seem to be the hardest working and most devoted. It is important for employers to understand the epidemic with drugs in our country and rather than having a penalizing approach, they should enforce options for their workers to receive treatment. Employers should have a form of compassion for these individuals struggling with addiction rather than being brash with their punishments.

Any business industry can fall victim to substance abuse within their company, but smaller businesses will feel the destruction especially. Small businesses are known to not have the resources to enforce drug-free workplace regulations. Employees who struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or dependence are more likely to search for positions within smaller companies where drug-testing policies are not in place.

There are various ways that employers can lose money related to employee drug addiction. Not only missing work and the cost that comes with that, but company’s reputation can be tarnished if others are associating the business with a place that allows drug and alcohol abuse to go on unpunished or unnoticed. Competitors will take advantage of anything they can and degrade a company’s profile and spread ill-news that can be profoundly damaging.

There is no suprise that drug users are more likely to steal, lie, or make mistakes on the job. Having employees who have these characteristics is a risk. A great way to save your company, and your employees would be providing an option for a rehabilitation course. This will eventually save your company money. It may also save an employee’s life.

Aid for Employees

The formation of a drug-free workplace isn’t just about casual drug testing or having penalties for employees who use drugs. Employers should recognize that a substance misuse disorder is a physical state. This is a situation that can be cured with proper treatment, just like any other health concern. They should arrange the surrounding in such a manner that employees feel safe to express about their issue of drug addict. They should give them confidence of being treated instead of penalized.

Employers can assist their workers get access to inexpensive recovery services in several ways:

  • Make sure the company insurance plan includes coverage for substance abuse treatment or counseling
  • Give employees who abuse drugs the choice to seek treatment in private without fear of repercussions
  • Move toward employees who may be abusing drugs in a constructive, non-confrontational way
  • Cheer employees who are under pressure at work or home to discover healthy ways to handle emotional tension
  • Have counseling services available

How to spot Employees Who require Help

It’s not always as effortless to recognize employees who have a substance use disorder.

Some make it obvious, taking long lunches and coming back under the influence after a “liquid lunch” or the heroin addict who is constantly nodding off at his desk, but there are many workers who are high-performers even while under the influence. Even if an employee may never utilize drugs or alcohol at work, there may be other signs. Employers should pay attention to those who call in sick regularly or display disturbed, violent or unfocused behavior on the job.

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Changes in behavior or character
  • Poor cleanliness of self and work area.
  • More time is required to do common tasks
  • Increase in poor decisions
  • Failure to meet targets or show up for arrangements
  • unexpected displays of absentmindedness or puzzlement

As previously stated, there are no certain individuals that make fall victim to the disease of alcohol and drug abuse or addiction. By addressing these concerns to each individual upon hire, this will greatly reduce the risk of chronic instances within the company as a whole. If you or someone you know is struggling with their employees or workers when it comes to substance abuse or addiction, call us now: (800) 518-5205.

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Treatement Center for Cocaine Addiction – Boca Raton and Palm Beach County

Cocaine addiction treatment center Boca Raton

If you live in Boca Raton or anywhere in Palm Beach County and find yourself suffering from a cocaine addiction, then you can obviously understand the extent of damage that you are doing to yourself and to your life. In this case, not only are you making yourself go through torment hell, but your family and loved ones are suffering with you as well. So rather than doing this to your life, you can actually do something to make matters better for everyone around you. This means that you can get yourself enrolled in our cocaine addiction treatment program. Located in Palm Beach County we have one of the finest cocaine addiction treatment centers, it might happen that you are completely cured from your addiction. In addition, it might also happen that you are taking all the necessary steps in creating a better life for yourself.

Therefore, if you are looking for a  Boca Raton cocaine addiction treatment center, you might be seeing that there are tons of options being presented in front of you. However, you cannot go ahead with any one treatment center without gathering the necessary background information. After all, it is a matter of your life and future. So you will have to make sure that you are dealing with this matter in a very serious and delicate manner.

Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Help Couples Who Seek Drug Addiction as Well.

So when it comes to choosing a cocaine addiction treatment center in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or Palm Beach County, the first thing which you will need to look out for is what kind of result you are actually expecting from the drug treatment program. Now this is something which you will have to decide before you start your search for the drug treatment centers. This is because different programs tend to yield different results. Again, these results also seem to vary from one person to another. And that is actually quite normal. This is because no two people can be suffering from the same level of cocaine addiction. So when it comes to the road to recovery as well, these two individuals will have to take different paths.

Therefore, before enrolling in our drug treatment program in West Palm Beach, this decision needs to be taken by you and your family members. This is something which would be understood best by you people. However, a certain amount of caution should be exercised when making this decision. This is to prevent dealing with the negative consequences in the long run.

The next thing which you would need to look at for cocaine addiction treatment center Boca Raton is the timing of the results. In other words, are you looking for short-term or long-term results? In the case of short-term, the time period is usually 28 days. As for the long-term, this can stretch to over six months or more, depending on the needs of the patients.

Another thing which you would have to keep in mind is whether the drug treatment center relies on any kind of drug which would be toxic or harmful in itself. If it does, it would also be a good idea to see what kinds of alternatives are being provided. This is because you would not want to kick cocaine addiction just to get yourself addicted to another drug. This would actually pose to be a bigger problem that what it already is.


Find Your Way Out Of Addiction With Stepping Stones Recovery Center

CALL TODAY 561-408-0623

Our recovery centers in Palm Beach County and Boca Raton offer an outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment program that enables you to become healthy, strong and influential. This is your journey to recovery and mental health. We are here to provide an intensive system for you by supporting your mental, physical and spiritual health. Here’s our goal: that by completing our program,  you will discover yourself and achieve lasting health. If you own this journey, you’ll leave Stepping Stones Recovery Center equipped with the best tools for living a fulfilling life. Reviews of a variety of rehabs are available here.

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Meditation for Recovering Ninjas

Meditation for Recovering Ninjas

While you’re in the process of going through recovery there are many things that you can do to improve your health and situation. Things like exercise and meditation are excellent outlets for you to attach to that don’t involve a lot of time or money. Meditation is one method of being able to clear your mind, sleep better and sort through your thoughts.  Here are some other things about meditation that you may not know that can help get you back on the right track.

Meditation can be done anywhere.  Because meditation is done with just your mind and no other tools or equipment are necessary, this practice is very easy to achieve in even the smallest of places. Find a quiet place, whether it’s indoors or out, use a cushion, blanket or matt and make that your personal meditation area.  You’re setting yourself up to be more disciplined and by giving yourself the frame of mind that you meditate daily using this blanket, or other place to sit on will enable you to make it more of a routine.

Meditation for recovering addicts.

Quietly sit, with eyes closed, neck out, sitting up straight, focus all your thoughts on your breath.  Breath gently in and out. Each time your mind tends to wander, grab your thinking and pull it back to focusing on your breath.  By making your breathing the focus point, you are learning to train your brain to function when you want it. You are learning to control it. This is a vital process that will help you in other areas as well, but for now just focus on breathing and learning to close off all other thoughts until you’re ready to add more.

Meditation enables seeing, hearing, emotions and speech improvements.  Blood flow increases during times of meditation.  Your mind gets rewired and the gray matter responsible for muscle control becomes more productive. The key is to keep trying even when you seem like it’s impossible. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to meditate for more than 10 minutes at a time. Know that even with these shorter intervals, you will be physiologically changing the way your brain is functioning for the better. Most people when they first start, find it difficult to control for more than 5-10 minutes.  As long as you do it every day, you’ll be noticing a difference.

Help and Detox from Substances – Call Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Florida

Your thoughts and your sense of focus will become clearer. Because you’re will be disengaged with the thoughts that are detrimental to you, you will find that your focus is so much more clear. Another exercise of mindfulness is to sit on a busy park bench or perhaps a bus stop.  When a stranger is seen walking, allow your mind to be fixated on mantra of some sort. As the person keeps walking don’t focus on them, focus on the thought allowing the person to walk on without your becoming enthralled in the walker, but rather your thoughts.

These are just a few of the benefits of making meditation become one of your daily routines. Routines are good when going through recovery. They give you a sense of control and stability, even when you’re used to chaos.

By making meditation a part of your everyday ritual you’ll be taking more control of your life and will find that other things are easier to deal with.

For information on starting a recovery program or if you’re in need of assistance contact our staff for answers.

Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Florida is an Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine and substance abuse recovery center.

Best Heroin Detox Center Baltimore

Detoxing From Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is disturbing. The problems encountered by addicts do not end at the cravings for more and more injections of the body to maintain the feel-high. The chemicals in the body of an opiate addict will further disturb the patient and lead to more body complications. Consequences of use can be adverse effects to your social and sexual life. It can take all the life out of an individual leaving them with nothing but a disturbed personality. Many people will lie to you about how normal it is to live with heroin addiction.
There are those addicts who will, however, disclose the woes that they are enduring. All they need is a detox from Heroin for them to lead a normal life again. detoxification will be carried out in stages. It is not a single day’s exercise, but one that will take weeks to months for long term heroin withdrawals.
Visiting an addiction treatment center is recommended for patients who are willing to fight this kind of vice. Such centers have the most sophisticated healthcare that will give patients the best detox. Such centers will admit an addict into a regular program depending on the personal schedule of the individual. Like an addict who is willing to start opiate detox, the question that I will ask is how long it takes to free myself wholly from the chemical components of drugs in the detox is all about ridding the body of all the chemical residues of heroin. The time it takes for withdrawals to decrease will depend on the chemicals in the body. This time thus varies with individuals.
There will be other practices that will help eliminate the chances of the patient falling back to heroin again due to craving. The centers have medication that works gradually in the human body to curb the craving for the drug. The first stage of the detox process is to ease the troublesome symptoms that may be felt because of the withdrawal. Detoxification marks a new life for addicts, and the changes are experienced from the first day of the treatment.
An individual seeking to fight opioid use may choose an inpatient or outpatient program. Patients are usually free to make a choice between these two options in most detox clinics. The only exceptional time when the doctor might have to decide on the method of detoxification is when the patient is in an extremely severe condition. Most advanced levels of use are treated through the rapid method.
Like any other treatment, there are factors outside addiction that need to be considered by the rehab center before settling on a given treatment option. The height of the patient, metabolism, the amount of opiates was taken, the patient’s weight and the duration of  use matters.
During withdrawals, the user is going to experience discomfort. The process will help in reducing the time that a patient would spend in this phase. The withdrawal symptoms commonly experienced at a heroin detox center are stomach cramps, craving for the drug and diarrhea.



Best Heroin Detox Center Pittsburgh


Are you feeling that the chemical effects of Heroin and other related opiates are affecting your financial, social and corporate life negatively? Do you think that you should put a stop to this menace but are undecided on where and how to find the necessary help? Pittsburgh has the best heroin detox centers which are there to give you or your loved ones the best detoxification from the chemical effects of heroin. The medication that you will get from the best heroin detox in Pittsburgh is not the same as the commonly prescribed drugs that only bring down the effects of opiates in the body. The detoxification offered here will enable you to be totally free from all the chemical impacts of heroin that may be affecting your sexual life or your brains functioning.
The rehabilitation programs offered by this best heroin detox Center in Pittsburgh will help you and your loved ones in understanding how to overcome addiction. One will also get to transcend successfully through the crucial stages such as detoxification, treatments and prevention of relapse. We have intervention services that are provided by the best interventionist. This interventionist will carefully monitor the patients and help them through the process of detoxification. This is, however, the first stage used whose purpose is to help to understand the level of the addiction and chemical concentration in the body.
We will further have some other trained professionals at the best heroin detox center in pittsburgh, who will take the patient to the second stage of the program. This is the assessment stage. The assessment professional will try to understand the addict using a series of questions. This will help them decipher the most appropriate type of treatment to be used for the patient. The professional will want to know whether you have any co-occurring disorders.
The third stage in the process will be the detoxification itself. This will bring the patient to an inpatient or outpatient program whereby the doctors will start working on the chemicals within the patients’ blood stream. The patient will be medically assisted with prescriptions to improve the process.
Our detoxification processes are the best and will take you the least effort to do away with the chemical residues in your body or your loved one’s body. We are always friendly and dedicated to helping our patients. Don’t let opioid chemical compositions in your body remain a limiting factor for your productivity. Visit our best heroin detox center in Pittsburgh and get the most appropriate detox for you. Our professionals have the best skills that will help you recover in the shortest period. Our medication programs are soft and friendly with no side effects. We are keen to give heroin addicts a chance to lead a normal life again through our programs.
Heroin detox center pittsburgh


Detox Center Allows Couples Delray

Detox Center Allows Couples in Delray

Many couples that deal with addiction to illicit substances have met during their years of drug and alcohol abuse. It can be tough enough when one half of the pair decides that they want to get sober while the other continues their addiction. Therefore, things can look very promising when a couple decides that they want to get sober together.

While a couple may decide that they want to help each other get sober, they will probably hit a roadblock when it comes time to pick a detox center. They will often find that many rehab facilities will not let a couple receive treatment together. This conundrum can be disheartening for a pair that has vowed to help each other kick drugs and alcohol.

Good News

The good news for couples seeking addiction treatment is that there is a center that will let both spouses or halves of a romantic pair get treated in the same detox facility. We allow this novel method of treatment because we believe that two people who have vowed to help each other get sober can be a lot more effective if they are getting treated in the same establishment.

4 Reasons Why Couples Should Receive Treatment Together

  1. You Keep Each Other on Track: When a couple goes into treatment together, they have many more opportunities to check in with each other during the day. This can do wonders for morale on a less than stellar day.
  2. You Can Stay Together: . Going through detox can be a difficult process, so sharing the experience with a loved one can help the two of you get through a hard part of treatment.
  3. Your Partner is Your Link to Home: When someone is in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, they often worry about their loved ones at home. This is especially true if a couple has children. Having your partner in treatment with you gives you a link to home and the people that are most important to you.
  4. You Can Help Each Other With Your Discharge Plans: Going into rehab is only a small part of the battle. The staff at our center will help both of you draft a discharge plan that not only fits both of your lifestyles, but will give both of you the best shot at sobriety.

Someone who is receiving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse should never go through this difficult journey alone. If a couple can go into treatment at the same facility and give each other support through this trying time, all the better. We know how important having a support system can be for people battling addictions, so allowing spouses and romantic partners to stay together during treatment is one way we can help a couple start their journey towards sobriety.

Some addictive substances like cocaine or crack do not need medical detoxification for physical symptoms. Cocaine abuse causes severe mental addiction but no dangerous withdrawals.

couples rehab

Best Drug Detox in Florida

Best Drug Detox in Florida

Quitting drugs or alcohol is the first step toward a lifetime of better health. Yet, this first step sometimes involves some changes as your body begins to heal. For example, a person who quits drinking may lose some weight as they consume fewer calories, or they could gain weight due to their body finally being able to properly digest food. Since the symptoms of withdrawal can vary significantly from one person to another, it is important to have the right types of support during detox. As you explore your options for getting set on the right path for a brighter future, here is what you need to know about drug detox in Florida.

Importance of Professional Treatment
There is no doubt about it, ending your addiction will change your life for the better. Once you quit drugs or alcohol, you will have more energy, experience less illness and enjoy more positive moods. However, there will be a short transition period during which you will experience withdrawal symptoms that may be uncomfortable. Headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, and confusion are a few symptoms that cause some people to return to using drugs or alcohol. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be severe enough to require emergency treatment such as hallucinations or comas. Since you never know how your body will respond, it is important to have professional medical help available that can provide reassurance that everything will be okay and prompt relief from your symptoms.

Coping with Detox Symptoms
In your drug detox program, several methods may be used to help you cope with your withdrawal symptoms. For severe symptoms, medicine may be used to help you feel more comfortable. Rest, exercise and distractions are also effective ways to lessen the severity of other symptoms that may feel similar to a really bad cold. Along with physical discomfort, you may have cravings and other emotional responses to ending your addiction. These are treated with counseling, social opportunities and activities such as video games and movies.

Helping the Body Heal
Over time, addiction has likely robbed your body of vital nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. For this reason, your detox program should include a variety of healthy foods that are designed to give you the nutrition you need to kick your addiction. Gourmet meals, a constant supply of snacks and rehydrating fluids such as Gatorade can all stimulate your appetite while helping you battle cravings during the early withdrawal period. Although it is not required to participate, you should also have access to recreational activities. Sweating is a powerful way to help your body clear out toxins, and physical activity can help you exit the withdrawal period faster. Spending time outdoors, in the gym or swimming can also get your mind off of your addiction while allowing you to meet others who are embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Staying Comfortable During Detox
A luxury setting is important for recovery, since it allows you focus solely on your needs. This means that you can expect to have access to things such as a Jacuzzi that can ease muscle aches and promote relaxation. Televisions equipped to play video games and movies in both common areas and private rooms can also allow you to zone out whenever you feel stressed. As you plan to go to detox, make sure to pack cozy pajamas, comfortable slippers and a swimsuit in your suitcase. Or, you can pack your favorite dress or slacks. The important thing is to make sure that you feel comfortable in your detox environment. In fact, you are never forced to do anything you do not want to do in detox. Group sessions are recommended, but if you need to sleep at first, then no one will judge as you catch a few extra z’s.

Welcoming Environment From the Beginning
The time before you go to detox is often stressful. At that point, you have reached your limits and know that you can no longer continue an addiction-filled lifestyle. For this reason, drug detox in Florida provides the ultimate comfort experience from the very beginning. Are you flying in from out-of-state? If so, transportation can be arranged to be waiting at the airport to drive you to your program. Once you arrive, you will have an initial exam and consultation with a medical professional who will identify your specific needs so that a personalized plan can be made to ensure your comfort. As you progress through your treatment, you will enjoy the same level of support that you were greeted with from the beginning. You will also be provided with assistance to help you prepare for a sober life after you leave detox.

Deciding to go to drug detox is one of the hardest steps toward recovery, and you can be proud of choosing a program that will lead to a happier life. As you embark on this journey, make sure that you are surrounded by a supportive team in a comfortable environment that will give you the best chances of success in fighting your addiction.


Crazy Eddie’s Heroin Detox Center Story

My name is edward heller, also known as crazy eddie to many people. I had a chain of electronics stores in new york and made a ton of cash. I also had a serious heroin addiction and went to detox many times. My first trip to a methadone clinic was in 1992. The center was in the bronx where you had to come in every day for your dose of methadone. I got married in 1994 to a girl who loved to shoot dope. She was arrested a few times in new jersey for heroin possession. I brought her to detoxification center in 1996 and she stayed clean for a while. I continued using on a daily basis. I decided to got to detox and then went to rehab at eric clapton’s treatment center in the islands.

I stayed there for 30 days then went to a long term substance abuse treatment program in florida for another 90 days. In 1997 I was arrested at a kid rock concert had to detox from heroin in jail. That was a horrible experience with no meds to help withdrawal symptoms. I met a lot of celebrities throughout my life, and many famous drug addicts. Subutex is the most popular medication used in detoxification from opiates. It contains buprenorphine which has been around a while. In the 1990’s it was available in a injection formula only. Now days most heroin detox clinics and inpatient centers use subutex for withdrawal symptoms. Kratom also works well for control of withdrawal symptoms that occur with detoxing from heroin. Kratom is a natural remedy grown im southeast asia. It is obtained in this country over the counter at stores and over the internet and by mail order. It works very well and is safe enough for use. Kratom is useful in getting off of suboxone also.

Harriett Longo’s Drug Treatment Story

My name is Harriett Longo and this is my story. i came to treatment program from the streets where my heroin addiction caused many acts of prostitution to make money. When I was 16 years old I stole my mothers pain killers. She had cancer and needed the really strong pain meds like demerol. When I was 18 I got hit by a car crossing the street and had my own script for opiate pain killers for a couple years. When the doctor ended my opiate pain medication I got hooked on the heroin. Like many of my compatriots I loved it and the price is very cheap. I ended up in rehab for 30 days then moved into the halfway house. I met a guy in the outpatient drug treatment program and we hooked up a few times. I did not tell him about my backpage ad or about my regular paying clients I think he really liked me, but he relapsed and went off to heroin detox center for a week. The fact that I was able to make money in prostitution kept me in my heroin addiction longer than most guys who would have to get a real job or commit crimes for cash. I was still hot and kept myself up fairly well.

I did feel bad about my life since drug rehab had killed a lot of the fun. I did have some good, rich married men as regulars, they loved my vagina and I kept it nice for them. I would not do black guys because the penis is to big on a regular basis. The white rich guys will not come back if they know I am doing black guys. My addiction got worse and soon I was ready for heroin detox program again. So now I am Going to AA meetings again trying to stay clean and sober. I met a new boyfriend in rehab and we relapsed together shortly afterward. Now we were staying at the motel 6 where I do my escort business and buy the heroin for both of us. We really should go back to rehab soon, but who knows if we will make it.

My worst Heroin Detox Experience

I’m sitting in the police station after being arrested for credit card fraud, and I ask the cop to make sure to bring my oxycontin to the county jail with me. I actually thought the jail would give me medication. It is prescribed to me, how can they not, right? I had never been to jail before and I had a nice wake up call. So when I get to county and finally see the nurse I am in pre withdrawls already when she tells me no pain medication is dispensed at the county lockup. If you have ever detoxed from heroin or painkillers, you know where I was at this point. So 8 hours later they take me to the infirmary for heroin detox. All they gave me was tylenol and clonidine so it was basically cold turkey on the floor of the cell. I laid on the floor in a fetal position vomiting and stomach pain, no food. I had lost at least 20 pounds. This experience lasted about 5 days and I was moved to the main dorm. Luckily there some other guys who had gone through the same cold turkey heroin detox experience earlier. On good tip was hot showers which I did try and take 2 or 3 a day. The aches and pains lasted around 3 weeks. Add to that the quality of jail food which probably did not help. Once i got my commissary money I ate a little better. Fast forward 5 years, I now work in the heroin detox field and help addicts start a new life. Our detoxification process is much more comfortable than I went through in jail. We give the right amount of medication,Usually Subutex and some pills for sleeping. Patients basically sleep in comfortable beds and watch netflix all day.

The current protocols for most heroin detox centers is very easy. You don’t really experience any pain at all. I think some pain is necessary but these days its too easy.