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Dealing with Drug Use in the Workplace

Speaking to the Employer or Business Owner

The drug opioid epidemic in the U.S. is not something to take lightly. After having been declared a State of Emergency back in August, it has made many small company owners take the time to consider what their current policies are for drug use and abuse in the workplace. The odds of drug abuse taking place within a company is large, businesses across America have had to crack down on their policies or procedures when it comes to drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Based on the Department of Health and Human Services’ 2011 nationwide investigation, 18.9 people nationwide recorded drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and out of those numbers 52% were employed.

“A lot of employers overlook the signs,” says Cali Estes, an expert drug and alcohol counselor who works with companies and individuals dealing with substance exploitation in the office.

There are a variety of physical signs of alcohol or drug addiction or dependency.

Physical signs of drug or alcohol abuse are easiest to see. Common signs are the smell of alcohol on an individual’s breath or bloodshot eyes. Other signs that are less obvious of drug and alcohol addiction are many unexcused absences, late arrival or leaving early from the job. Some drugs that are known as uppers may make the individual more energetic. Someone who is up and on foot around all the time and who looks really full of activity, but isn’t getting anything done might be expressing signs of addiction, Estes states.

The price of substance abuse in the workplace is upsetting to both small and large companies. For example, if an employee drinks a lot, uses illicit drugs or abuses recommendation medications is more likely to be injured or to make faults on the job. He or she is also more likely to overlook work and have disagreements with superiors and coworkers. While it is vital that each owner has a drug-free place of work, an employer must also have an empathetic approach toward those who abuse drugs or alcohol.

Addiction is similar to most other diseases in the sense that it can happen to anyone at any socioeconomic level, even workers who seem to be the hardest working and most devoted. It is important for employers to understand the epidemic with drugs in our country and rather than having a penalizing approach, they should enforce options for their workers to receive treatment. Employers should have a form of compassion for these individuals struggling with addiction rather than being brash with their punishments.

Any business industry can fall victim to substance abuse within their company, but smaller businesses will feel the destruction especially. Small businesses are known to not have the resources to enforce drug-free workplace regulations. Employees who struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or dependence are more likely to search for positions within smaller companies where drug-testing policies are not in place.

There are various ways that employers can lose money related to employee drug addiction. Not only missing work and the cost that comes with that, but company’s reputation can be tarnished if others are associating the business with a place that allows drug and alcohol abuse to go on unpunished or unnoticed. Competitors will take advantage of anything they can and degrade a company’s profile and spread ill-news that can be profoundly damaging.

There is no suprise that drug users are more likely to steal, lie, or make mistakes on the job. Having employees who have these characteristics is a risk. A great way to save your company, and your employees would be providing an option for a rehabilitation course. This will eventually save your company money. It may also save an employee’s life.

Aid for Employees

The formation of a drug-free workplace isn’t just about casual drug testing or having penalties for employees who use drugs. Employers should recognize that a substance misuse disorder is a physical state. This is a situation that can be cured with proper treatment, just like any other health concern. They should arrange the surrounding in such a manner that employees feel safe to express about their issue of drug addict. They should give them confidence of being treated instead of penalized.

Employers can assist their workers get access to inexpensive recovery services in several ways:

  • Make sure the company insurance plan includes coverage for substance abuse treatment or counseling
  • Give employees who abuse drugs the choice to seek treatment in private without fear of repercussions
  • Move toward employees who may be abusing drugs in a constructive, non-confrontational way
  • Cheer employees who are under pressure at work or home to discover healthy ways to handle emotional tension
  • Have counseling services available

How to spot Employees Who require Help

It’s not always as effortless to recognize employees who have a substance use disorder.

Some make it obvious, taking long lunches and coming back under the influence after a “liquid lunch” or the heroin addict who is constantly nodding off at his desk, but there are many workers who are high-performers even while under the influence. Even if an employee may never utilize drugs or alcohol at work, there may be other signs. Employers should pay attention to those who call in sick regularly or display disturbed, violent or unfocused behavior on the job.

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Changes in behavior or character
  • Poor cleanliness of self and work area.
  • More time is required to do common tasks
  • Increase in poor decisions
  • Failure to meet targets or show up for arrangements
  • unexpected displays of absentmindedness or puzzlement

As previously stated, there are no certain individuals that make fall victim to the disease of alcohol and drug abuse or addiction. By addressing these concerns to each individual upon hire, this will greatly reduce the risk of chronic instances within the company as a whole. If you or someone you know is struggling with their employees or workers when it comes to substance abuse or addiction, call us now: (800) 518-5205.


Heroin Outpatient Treatment West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach outpatient heroin rehab

If you are suffering from heroin addiction, you can obviously understand how dangerous it is for your health. Other than that, you would also need to think about the feelings of your beloved family members and close friends. So rather than letting your life go to waste like this, it would actually be a better idea to seek help and work on getting yourself better.

One option that you can think about is going for West Palm Beach medical heroin rehab. Even though inpatient option is also considered to be a pretty good one, the outpatient program helps in delivering more effective results. This is because it has been designed in a way to help with specific types of addictions. And since we are talking about being addicted to heroin, then it makes sense to go with this option.

The meaning of outpatient program

The thing with West Palm Beach outpatient detox for heroin addiction is that the treatment is done outside of the facility. This can either be partial hospitalization or in the form of meetings which consists of twelve steps. Therefore, with the help of this kind of a rehab plan, it would allow you to live in the comfort of your own home while getting your heroin addiction treated. In terms of cost, it has been found that it costs less than inpatient or residential treatment. This kind of treatment has also been recommended for those kind of people who cannot be absent for long periods of time due to family obligations being present.

Types of outpatient treatment programs for Heroin in West Palm Beach

So before you decide on going ahead with West Palm Beach outpatient heroin addiction treatment, it would make sense to choose a particular type of treatment which you would be going ahead with. Based on that, you will have to weigh the pros and cons as well as determine the cost. It would be good to keep in mind that there is no particular outpatient treatment program which is considered to be best. The ultimate choice and result would be determinant on your personal needs and preferences.

Intensive rehab for opiates

The first kind of outpatient heroin rehab method that you can consider is intensive outpatient. By this term, it means that you would have to meet with the drug abuse counselors at least three days a week. Each of these sessions would be lasting for 2-4 hours or slightly more. In these kinds of programs, major emphasis is put on preventing you from relapsing. In terms of flexibility, it helps you to still attend school or work, if you have that. This is because the program is designed based on your daily schedule.

Partial hospitalization

In terms of partial hospitalization, it means that you would have to be admitted to the facility. However, it would only be for a very short period of time. All your sessions would be conducted at the hospital. You would have to meet at least 3-5 days in a week. The duration of session would be 4-6 hours per day.

Counseling and therapy

This West Palm Beach outpatient heroin addiction treatment focuses on getting you back to your normal state, emotionally.

It focuses on talking about your feelings and what changes you would like to bring to yourself. In addition, you would also be asked to focus on what you want to achieve in your future. This kind of treatment is usually provided for those people who are more or less stable now.

CALL TODAY 561-408-0623

Our Heroin detox in West Palm Beach – Palm Beach County offers an outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment program that enables you to become healthy, strong and influential. This is your journey to recovery and mental health.

We are here to provide an intensive system for you by supporting your mental, physical and spiritual health. Here’s our goal: that by completing our program,  you will discover yourself and achieve lasting health. You’ll leave Stepping sober  equipped with the best tools for living a fulfilling life.


heroin rehab for couples west palm beach


West Palm Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Palm Beach County – Comfortable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center

Like we all know, suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction is quite normal. But what is more worrying is when people seem to suffer from both a drug and alcohol addiction. This is because not only is very deadly, it is threatening to the life as well. In a lot of cases, it might be that people are too late in realizing it.

But rather than making matters worse, it would actually be a very good and sensible idea to consider a comfortable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in the West Palm Beach area. This is because a treatment center can actually help you to kick your alcohol and drug addiction for good. In addition, they might also help you in reprograming yourself so that you do not fall back in to your old habits. This is because if you can get it out of your life for good, there would be a no bigger achievement than that. Therefore, in order to ensure that you get to see these kinds of results, it is very important that you choose the right treatment center. This means that you would have to keep certain things in mind when choosing a peaceful and comfortable drug and alcohol treatment facility in West Palm Beach.

Stepping Sober in West Palm Beach Makes it Comfortable for  Couples Who Seek Drug Addiction as Well.

The first thing which you would need to look out for is the variety of programs which are being offered. This is because it is quite normal that every individual would be suffering from different degrees or intensities of drug and alcohol abuse. Therefore, when choosing a treatment center, it is very important that they provide a variety of programs. This makes it possible to cater to a wide variety of needs. In terms of the duration of these programs, flexibility should be offered as well. This means both short term and long term treatment programs being offered.

You should be looking in a  drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that offers comfort in the West Palm Beach area if the programs are wholly medically-based or not. Even though it is quite true that medicine has a significant impact on getting rid of addiction, it should not be the only basis. This is because medication can also influence the relapse of alcohol and drug addiction. Therefore, you should be seeing if they incorporate leisure activities and individual therapy sessions to the treatment program as well. This would help the individual in finding their inner self and correcting the existing problems. This is because it is extremely important that you start loving and appreciating yourself and everything around you. This would prevent you from resorting in to depression and finding solace in drugs and alcohol.

The price of the treatment would also have to be considered. After all, the treatment program should be well within your budget as well. Therefore, you should keep an eye out for the medication and facilities which will be included in the final bill. Other than that, there are some comfortable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center which provide extra facilities of detox programs. So if you would like to avail that, it would need to be specified right from the beginning.

Therefore, these are some of the important things which you would need to look out for in a West Palm Beach drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that treats . Hopefully, these will significantly help you in your road to recovery.

Getting treated for any addiction can seem like it is painful. At Stepping Sober, we try to make the recovery process as comfortable as possible in our West Palm Beach centers.


Find Your Way Out Of Addiction With a Comforting Recovery Stepping Stones Recovery Center

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Stepping Stones Recovery Centers offers an outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment program that enables you to become healthy, strong and influential. This is your journey to recovery and mental health. We are here to provide an intensive system for you by supporting your mental, physical and spiritual health. Here’s our goal: that by completing our program,  you will discover yourself and achieve lasting health. If you own this journey, you’ll leave Stepping Stones Recovery Center equipped with the best tools for living a fulfilling life.

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Treatement Center for Cocaine Addiction – Boca Raton and Palm Beach County

Cocaine addiction treatment center Boca Raton

If you live in Boca Raton or anywhere in Palm Beach County and find yourself suffering from a cocaine addiction, then you can obviously understand the extent of damage that you are doing to yourself and to your life. In this case, not only are you making yourself go through torment hell, but your family and loved ones are suffering with you as well. So rather than doing this to your life, you can actually do something to make matters better for everyone around you. This means that you can get yourself enrolled in our cocaine addiction treatment program. Located in Palm Beach County we have one of the finest cocaine addiction treatment centers, it might happen that you are completely cured from your addiction. In addition, it might also happen that you are taking all the necessary steps in creating a better life for yourself.

Therefore, if you are looking for a  Boca Raton cocaine addiction treatment center, you might be seeing that there are tons of options being presented in front of you. However, you cannot go ahead with any one treatment center without gathering the necessary background information. After all, it is a matter of your life and future. So you will have to make sure that you are dealing with this matter in a very serious and delicate manner.

Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Help Couples Who Seek Drug Addiction as Well.

So when it comes to choosing a cocaine addiction treatment center in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or Palm Beach County, the first thing which you will need to look out for is what kind of result you are actually expecting from the drug treatment program. Now this is something which you will have to decide before you start your search for the drug treatment centers. This is because different programs tend to yield different results. Again, these results also seem to vary from one person to another. And that is actually quite normal. This is because no two people can be suffering from the same level of cocaine addiction. So when it comes to the road to recovery as well, these two individuals will have to take different paths.

Therefore, before enrolling in our drug treatment program in West Palm Beach, this decision needs to be taken by you and your family members. This is something which would be understood best by you people. However, a certain amount of caution should be exercised when making this decision. This is to prevent dealing with the negative consequences in the long run.

The next thing which you would need to look at for cocaine addiction treatment center Boca Raton is the timing of the results. In other words, are you looking for short-term or long-term results? In the case of short-term, the time period is usually 28 days. As for the long-term, this can stretch to over six months or more, depending on the needs of the patients.

Another thing which you would have to keep in mind is whether the drug treatment center relies on any kind of drug which would be toxic or harmful in itself. If it does, it would also be a good idea to see what kinds of alternatives are being provided. This is because you would not want to kick cocaine addiction just to get yourself addicted to another drug. This would actually pose to be a bigger problem that what it already is.


Find Your Way Out Of Addiction With Stepping Stones Recovery Center

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Our recovery centers in Palm Beach County and Boca Raton offer an outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment program that enables you to become healthy, strong and influential. This is your journey to recovery and mental health. We are here to provide an intensive system for you by supporting your mental, physical and spiritual health. Here’s our goal: that by completing our program,  you will discover yourself and achieve lasting health. If you own this journey, you’ll leave Stepping Stones Recovery Center equipped with the best tools for living a fulfilling life. Reviews of a variety of rehabs are available here.

Drug Rehab For Couples Chicago

Is Drug Rehab for Couples in Chicago a Good Idea?
Drug rehab for couples is a relatively new concept. But it doesn’t have to be a strange concept. Rehab centers in Chicago are joining a wave of centers across the country that allow couples to get treated for drug and alcohol addictions in the same place.

Is drug rehab for couples a good idea? While it may sound like a good idea on the surface, there can be downsides for couples who choose to get treatment in the same center. This article will outline both the downsides and benefits to allowing couples to receive treatment for their substance abuse issues in the same facility.



When a couple receives treatment together, it can be tempting for both halves to cling to each other in a strange environment. While this instinct is certainly understandable, couples who only interact with each other miss out on the many opportunities to use the support system of the other clients and staff. By using their time in treatment to hear the stories of other clients and to give support to brothers and sisters in arms, a couple in a Chicago rehab center can gain more insight into their own struggles.

Many couples who have used together in the past have codependent relationships. This dynamic can continue in treatment if both parties aren’t careful. For example, one half of a pair could be lax about encouraging their significant other to attend group therapy sessions. This tendency can be especially strong if both parties experience ambivalence about becoming sober. In order for drug rehab for couples to work, both parties have to hold each other equally accountable for following all aspects of the program.
Level of Commitment

Drug rehab for couples can be especially difficult if one half is not as interested in getting sober as their partner. Having a nearby support system during your time in rehab can be essential to getting sober, but it can unravel quickly if one party isn’t ready for it. Drug rehab for couples works best when both halves of a couple are equally committed to a drug and alcohol free life.
Same Social Circle

Many couples with addiction issues have the same friends, many of whom also have substance abuse problems. Rehabs actively encourage their clients to cut off contact with their addict friends. For many couples in Chicago rehabs, this could mean cutting ties with most of their loved ones. While this is a good thing, some people may feel the pressure of being their partner’s sole source of emotional support.
Relationship Stress

Getting sober is a trying experience, and both halves of a couple are going to have their not-so-good days while they’re in treatment. If they’re not careful, a person could take out their frustrations on their partner at a time when their better half is dealing with their own issues.
The Benefits of Couples Rehab

You’re In This Together

Many Chicago couples find that having their partner in life and sobriety with them in treatment gives them additional strength to start and continue on that path. When someone you love is going on that same exact journey, it can give you strength that you didn’t know you had.
Separate but Together

While couples rehab encourages both halves of a couple to work together on their problems, rehabs also offer ample opportunity for both halves to work on their own personal issues. Couples getting sober can’t stay that way if both parties don’t work hard on their own respective problems.
You (and Your Partner)Are Not Alone

There are countless benefits for couples who decide to get treatment for their substance abuse issues in the same center. One of the most important is the supportive community that a couple will encounter when they first enter treatment. By observing and talking to people who are further along the path of sobriety and wellness than you and your partner, it can do wonders for the outlook of both parties. It’s also a good idea for both people to seek and offer support from staff and other patients as this can add new perspectives to the journey that the two of you are about to start.
Support System in Rehab

While the other patients in rehab are undergoing their journey to sober living, there’s nothing like having someone who loves you sitting in the sobriety trenches with you. The drug rehab for couples concept was created so that two people in a romantic relationship can receive treatment and support each other in the same facility. Starting this journey together can make it more likely that a couple can stay together after rehab and live a sober life together.

If you feel that both you and your partner can benefit from treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, call or email our Chicago center. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions about our facility and address any concerns you may have about substance abuse rehab for couples.

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Meditation for Recovering Ninjas

Meditation for Recovering Ninjas

While you’re in the process of going through recovery there are many things that you can do to improve your health and situation. Things like exercise and meditation are excellent outlets for you to attach to that don’t involve a lot of time or money. Meditation is one method of being able to clear your mind, sleep better and sort through your thoughts.  Here are some other things about meditation that you may not know that can help get you back on the right track.

Meditation can be done anywhere.  Because meditation is done with just your mind and no other tools or equipment are necessary, this practice is very easy to achieve in even the smallest of places. Find a quiet place, whether it’s indoors or out, use a cushion, blanket or matt and make that your personal meditation area.  You’re setting yourself up to be more disciplined and by giving yourself the frame of mind that you meditate daily using this blanket, or other place to sit on will enable you to make it more of a routine.

Meditation for recovering addicts.

Quietly sit, with eyes closed, neck out, sitting up straight, focus all your thoughts on your breath.  Breath gently in and out. Each time your mind tends to wander, grab your thinking and pull it back to focusing on your breath.  By making your breathing the focus point, you are learning to train your brain to function when you want it. You are learning to control it. This is a vital process that will help you in other areas as well, but for now just focus on breathing and learning to close off all other thoughts until you’re ready to add more.

Meditation enables seeing, hearing, emotions and speech improvements.  Blood flow increases during times of meditation.  Your mind gets rewired and the gray matter responsible for muscle control becomes more productive. The key is to keep trying even when you seem like it’s impossible. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to meditate for more than 10 minutes at a time. Know that even with these shorter intervals, you will be physiologically changing the way your brain is functioning for the better. Most people when they first start, find it difficult to control for more than 5-10 minutes.  As long as you do it every day, you’ll be noticing a difference.

Help and Detox from Substances – Call Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Florida

Your thoughts and your sense of focus will become clearer. Because you’re will be disengaged with the thoughts that are detrimental to you, you will find that your focus is so much more clear. Another exercise of mindfulness is to sit on a busy park bench or perhaps a bus stop.  When a stranger is seen walking, allow your mind to be fixated on mantra of some sort. As the person keeps walking don’t focus on them, focus on the thought allowing the person to walk on without your becoming enthralled in the walker, but rather your thoughts.

These are just a few of the benefits of making meditation become one of your daily routines. Routines are good when going through recovery. They give you a sense of control and stability, even when you’re used to chaos.

By making meditation a part of your everyday ritual you’ll be taking more control of your life and will find that other things are easier to deal with.

For information on starting a recovery program or if you’re in need of assistance contact our staff for answers.

Stepping Sober in Palm Beach County Florida is an Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine and substance abuse recovery center.

Help For Heroin Addiction Chicago

Help Heroin Addiction in Chicago

When the detox process is complete, the addict may be moved to a residential rehabilitation program for drug counseling. These programs offer help for heroin addiction in Chicago, also focus on the patient’s mental health to teach them safe coping strategies during stressful times, instead of turning to drugs. Drugs like methadone or naltrexone may be administered to lessen the cravings from heroin during the recovery process.

What Is Heroin

Heroin is a highly addictive opioid drug developed from the Asian poppy plant. This illegal substance is an extremely potent, modified form of morphine. Heroin is typically sold as a brown or white powder, in solid black pieces or as a sticky substance, often referred to as tar heroin. While many inject the drug into veins, muscles or under the skin, the effects can also be gained from snorting or smoking it. Heroin offers an immediate “rush” or feelings of happiness, warmth and calm. Those with a heroin addiction constantly need to renew those feelings of well-being and confidence and thus continue to use.


Some users may experience an initial negative reaction, such as dry mouth, itching, nausea or vomiting. After those feelings have passed the user may then begin to feel delayed symptoms of drowsiness or a foggy sensation. Their breathing and heart rate may slow down. They may alternate between episodes of being asleep and awake. With persistent, continued use, those with heroin addiction will show signs of skin abscesses or infections and the injection area will have bruising and needle marks. More serious issues may include heart, liver and kidney problems or collapsed veins in the injection site.


• The National Drug Intelligence Center states that much of our country’s heroin comes from Mexico, with an ever increasing supply in a less costly, more pure form.

• Chicago is at the top of the list for those ending up in the emergency room due to heroin overdose. These significantly surpass other large cities with high heroin use, like New York and Boston.

• Mexican drug cartels supply their heroin to Chicago which then is “pushed” or distributed by surrounding street gangs.

Getting Drug Treatment

Overcoming heroin addiction is not something a person can do alone. A hospital or treatment center is much better equipped to handle the withdrawal process and detoxification that may be needed during the first stages of recovery. A professional health care worker will monitor the withdrawal symptoms which may be severe and include:

• Agitation, pain throughout muscles and bones
• Vomiting, nausea or diarrhea
• Feeling cold, trouble sleeping and involuntary kicking
• Intense cravings for the drug


Heroin is a dangerous, highly addictive drug that can, in the worst cases, lead to death. The addict will need the support of their community, family and friends to stay strong and continue on their road to recovery.

heroin addiction


Drug Rehab For Couples Boston

You might be considering helping someone who is struggling with addiction or you, and your spouse has been trapped in abuse of alcohol and drugs. Finding a facility that will give you or the person you love the ultimate care and rehabilitation can sometimes be hard but if you are living in Boston, there is some good news for you. Many couple rehabilitation centers are now operating in Boston, but most of us will want to get the best service. We are there to give you all the care and medication that will get you and your spouse out of the addiction you are in. We take the shortest time to help our patients drop alcoholism by assisting them in discovering the best drug and alcohol treatment methods and facilities.
couples therapy at treatment center


We have the best practice for couples who have found it hard to live without having to depend on drugs. The ratings can show that we are the best drug rehab for couples in Boston that is endowed with the skills and facilities to help couples fight drug addiction. The drug rehab center deals with a vast range of addiction. Abuse of any drug can be dealt with in this clinic whereby patients will come out fresh and free from the addiction.
Many couples who suffered drug addiction would like to get their treatments through the outpatient treatment designs. Our clinic has both inpatient and outpatient programs. Patients are free to choose which type of treatment they would deem appropriate for them. However, our doctors would recommend certain programs for different patients. This will be done basing on the stage of addiction in which the patients are in. Sometimes, one partner may be severely hit by drugs than the other one. In such a situation, the clinic would recommend an in-patient program for both of them.
Addiction treatment is more psychological than physical, therefore calling for the use of mind friendly approaches in treatment. Being the best couple rehab clinic in Boston, we have all the necessary strategies that will bring the patients into form within short periods of time. There is no point for you to continue battling drug addiction alone or with your spouse. You can now take all your problems to the best-practicing rehab clinic in Boston and get to live a free life. The clinic is ever open to new patients. You can visit at anytime you deem convenient.


Best Drug Rehab Centers In Miami

Best Drug Rehab Centers In Miami


Addiction is something most people are not able to solve on their own. No matter how much they try, no matter how strongly they desire it, most people simply fail repeatedly when they go it alone. This is why a good drug treatment program is so important: It can provide the necessary support to actually succeed.

Do Not Be Ashamed To Ask For Help
Addiction has a physical component to it. Yes, it also has psychological, emotional and social components. But simply going through withdrawal is a hard row to hoe. Do not be ashamed to get the help you need at the, best drug rehab centers in miami, to get through this.

Think of it like this: If you broke your leg, you would not expect yourself to man up and walk it off! It is just as unrealistic to expect an addict to just man up and walk it off. Getting the drugs out of the system is a necessary first step to move towards sober living, and that means withdrawal.

Everyone knows that withdrawal is horrible to endure. In some cases, you absolutely need medical support to get through it not only successfully, but safely. In some situations, there are drugs that can be prescribed at some of the best drug rehab centers in miami, or other treatments that can help make withdrawal less awful and make sure you make it to the other side alive and ready to start your journey of sober living.

If You Have Tried Before
If you have gone through drug treatment before and it hasn’t successfully resolved the situation, remember that you need to “Change your people, your places and your things.” and find the best drug rehab centers in miami, Maybe some of your loved ones are part of the problem and need to be removed from the process of resolving your problems.

Addiction is a situation where you can successfully use that old adage that “If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” If you find that a relative or other loved one is an obstacle to your recovery, it may break your heart, but you may need to cut them out of your life for a time.

This is not a situation where making compromises makes sense. Even under the best of circumstances, addiction is a hard problem to solve. There are no guaranteed answers. It is always a struggle. You will be faced with hard choices at every turn. If you are going to succeed, you need to make recovery your absolute highest priority.

You need to judge every single thing in your life in terms of whether it moves you forward in your recovery process or holds you back. If it holds you back, it is not the right thing for you.

Look Forward, Not Back
If you are an addict, as you look back, you will see a trail of destruction and regret. Instead of investing your time and energy in regrets or beating yourself up for your failures, begin focusing on the best drug rehab centers in miami, imagining the kind of life you actually want to live and doing what needs to be done to build it.

You cannot change the past. But you can leave it behind. You can make it something that stays in the past and does not continue to drive ever on without end. You do not have to let this own you.

A change of mind can be a hard thing to pull off. But that is absolutely something that needs to happen here. It is a hard thing to do, but very worth it. Addiction is not just about the substances you put into your body. It is also about the thoughts that go through your head, the feelings you experience, and your entire life.

Your thoughts and your decisions shape your life in profound ways. Do not underestimate the value of focusing on your goals and finding ways to put down your personal baggage. No matter where they are starting from, this is how anyone begins creating the life of their dream: By first daring to dream.

Step By Step
Just as a river is built drop by drop over a long stretch of space, a life is built step by step over a long stretch of time. Find ways to track your forward progress. It will help you stay the course.

Gradual change is almost always more sustainable than sudden, radical change. Unfortunately, it can also be very hard to see. We do not notice the small changes. Thus, we often fail to take credit for them or feel inspired by them.

A journal may be helpful in tracking your progress while attending the best drug rehab centers in miami. In weak moments or moments when you are filled with doubt, you can go back and reread parts of it. This can be a powerful way to remind yourself just how far you have come.

It can make it far easier to keep focused on moving forward, especially on days when the distance left to go seems impossibly long and hard. With reading in your own words evidence of how much life has changed, you may genuinely conclude that the worst is almost certainly behind you.

The Best Time To Start looking for drug rehab centers in miami.
There really is no good time in life to upend everything in order to straighten it all out. Don’t keep making excuses and waiting for a better time. The best time to start trying to resolve a problem of this magnitude is today.

The sooner you manage to get clean and sober, the sooner you get to start really living. The odds are good it will also add days to your life. More importantly, you can pretty much guarantee that if you succeed at getting clean, it will add life to your days.

Living sober is simply a better way to live. There is no need to make it a moral question. Just focus on the fact that your quality of life will dramatically improve.


Howard’s Rehab Story Part 5

I was introduced to oxycontin in 1997 after my pancreas surgery. This pain medication was supposed be harder to get addicted to because it is time release for 12 hours. I loved it and the effect for me helped me stay up all night building my website business especially mixed with coffee or espresso. It was easy to obtain if you had a major medical issue. you did not even have to go to the pharmacy because pain clinics sold it right at the office. After rehab in 2004 I stayed clean a few years. My kids were young when I went to drug rehab in 2003 and they dont remember anything about it. My wife was very good at hiding my addiction from them. My next treatment program was in 2013. I went to intensive outpatient rehab at beachcomber and lived at the halfway house in boca raton sober living community which was a religion based treatment.

I had been in the pain clinic business for a few years which was great for getting all the oxycontin detoxification and roxicodone pills I could want. That business created a lot of drug addicts and kept rehabs in business. once you are addicted to the pain killers , a habit that gets very expensive, so you turn to heroin addiction which is much cheaper drug. The rehabs in florida are filled with mostly heroin addicts these days.