Howard’s Rehab Story Part 3

My third time going to rehab was in 1997. I was drinking heavily and taking opiates including vicodin and demerol. I acute pancreatitis and was in the ICU for 3 weeks then in the hospital another 4 weeks recovering. I went to Renolds recovery for my third stint in a drug treatment program. The group therapy was very confrontational compared to the last couple of rehabs I attended. The family therapy was also very intense and designed to put a stop to enabling the heroin addict. I did not need to detox since I came straight from the hospital. My therapist name was Dawn and she was awesome and very hot.  I met some famous celebrities and politicians in rehab number three by the ocean. I think a few of them are dead from the heroin addiction. I moved to the halfway house, and started working in my commercial cleaning business again. Delray beach had become over populated with drug programs and sober living homes by the late 90’s. The town became known as the rehab capital of the world. Downtown delray was filled with heroin addicts who came down here for treatment and relapsed.

I stayed clean and sober for 2 years after this time, then was introduced to oxycontin for my pancreatitis by my doctor. It was supposed to be a pain pill that cured the need for addictive pain medication because it lasted 12 hours. You can chew them and crush them which gave a quick high just like heroin. Soon I was going to multiple doctors to get more oxycontin. You could buy it in the office in house pharmacy after your appointment. Pain clinics were popping up all over south florida in the late 1990’s. This led to more drug rehab centers and detox clinics opening up. I ended up getting arrested in 2003 for credit card fraud and went to county jail for 5 months.