Couples Addicted To Dilaudid

Pain after surgery is often treated in the hospital with Hydromorphone injections. It is common to get addicted to this pain medication after a medical procedure. Dilaudid is very popular among pain management doctors as a replacement for oxycontin.

Hydromorphone, the generic name for dilaudid, is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is in the narcotic analgesic family of drugs and acts on the central nervous system (CNS) for pain control. This medicine is not recommended for mild pain like a toothache or a sprained ankle. Dilaudid is for back surgery or cancer or severe arthritis.

 Long term use of  hydromorphone may become habit-forming, causing physical addiction and withdrawal symptoms if you run out. However, patients who have chronic pain should not let the fear of addiction keep them from using narcotic analgesics to relieve the pain. When narcotics are used as directed you should not have mental dependance. Physical dependence can lead to withdrawal symptoms if the patient stops treatment suddenly. Severe withdrawals can be avoided by slowly tapering off the pain medication with a doctors supervision.

Recovery From Dilaudid Addiction

Couples who become addicted to Dilaudid together usually have a hard time quitting. If one partner is in chronic pain and needs the medication, but his significant other want to go to drug rehab, this is a problem. If a couple wants to get clean together they can attend outpatient addiction treatment and continue with their family obligations. Outpatient rehab for couples is 3 or for group therapy sessions per week for 3 months. Individual counseling is offered usually one time per week. Couples behavioral therapy(BCT) sessions are offered weekly. In CBT the couple creates a recovery contract. Each partner promises to support the other in their own recovery from Dilaudid addiction.


Married couples fight addiction


Couples In-patient Addiction Treatment

Can I Live together with my significant other while in residential addiction treatment? This is a question asked of me on a daily basis. There some in patient drug rahabs that will allow couples to live together in treatment. Most treatment centers are totally against addicts staying in a relationship with another addict. With the exception of married couples with children. In California and Florida there are a few substance abuse treatment centers that will allow couples to reside together.

Medication Assisted Treatment Using Suboxone

MAT is a form of substance abuse therapy utilizing suboxone maintenance for opiate addiction. This medication curbs cravings allowing addicts to stay in treatment longer. Couples have a better chance of staying clean with medication assisted treatment. If one partner is having thought of relapse, it can spread to the other.