Can Couples Stay Together In Drug Rehab?

A select few drug treatment centers allow couples to live together while in rehab. Some offer separate housing for those addicts in a relationship who want to room together. Special couples apartments offer a chance for you to continue a relationship and get the help you need to recover from addiction.


Having A Relationship In Rehab.

It is hard to separate couples who are together in their addiction. The prevailing thought on couples in the treatment field is no relationships in the first year. Our drug rehab centers have special addiction programs for couples, who are both addicts. Professional counselors will work on relationship in addiction issues. In order to work on your own recovery, individual therapy sessions are also offered.

Housing for couples in Outpatient drug rehab.

Alan and Jana met at the addiction treatment center in delray beach. Immediately the couple fell in love and continues on their heroin addiction together. This sad story happens over and over. They decided to leave against medical advice and the next day they were on the streets of delray looking to score heroin. Kirk, who manages a sober house that accepts couples, found them at Starbucks and offered them a room. Jana has health insurance so Alan could piggyback off her for IOP and couples housing.




Couple in rehab together

How to Love an Addict











They started going to IOP and attending AA meetings a few times per week. At a meeting Jana notices a cute guy and starts talking to him. Alan, who is emotionally incapable of handling jealousy immediately projects she is leaving him relapse is right around the corner. Jana , who is also emotionally incapable of handling the feelings she has hurt Alan is also ready for relapse. Fortunately they found a therapist at the outpatient drug rehab and got help for this immediate relationship issue.

Couples and Relapse Issues

Alan was having cravings for heroin, he chose not to ask for help and relapsed. Jana also started using again with him. A week later they decided to check into a detox center for couples, and got clean again. In detox they decided to split up and work on their own recovery with help from a therapist.

Jana and Alan were lucky. Usually addicts who stay in a relationship keep using and checking into multiple detox centers for months. Some couples overdose multiple times before deciding to take recovery serious and do the work necessary to stay in a drug rehab center.