Drug Detox: Medical Suboxone Detox program

Don’t let fear of withdrawal symptoms keep you out there using opiates for one more day. Our detox protocol is absolutely painless and easy. You will receive the right amount of medication in a luxury setting with very comfortable surroundings. Smoking is allowed and we always have cigs on hand if you run out. Your first step in recovery from heroin addiction starts here. Our medical drug detox staff is available for you 24 hours and our therapist and case manager are here for you to discuss any concerns. We accept most insurance plans or self pay clients. Couples are accepted and we help you find the right rehab for drug addiction when you discharge from detox care. You can watch movies on Netflix or play video games. Our gourmet kitchen is always open. Ping pong and other games are enjoyed by some patients or you can join in any therapy groups. We offer full time massage therapist and chiropractor.

Safe Withdrawal from Alcohol or Drug Abuse

As the first step in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, detox is also the most intensive in terms of care and treatment. Here at Milestones, our detox center is staffed by seasoned professional medical and psychological specialists, whose primary concern is keeping you comfortable and helping you function through the initial withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.

Focusing on the three main issues of withdrawal, your detox program will address withdrawal symptoms, which can vary from moderate to severe, depending on how heavily and for how long you have been using drugs or alcohol. We will help you to fight the cravings which might otherwise weaken your resolve. We will also help your body to recover from any vitamin deficiencies or other health issues caused by your heroin addiction.

We achieve complete detoxification by addressing the above points with a combination of medication, counseling and coaching. The process will ensure you successfully and safely negotiate the first critical period of your drug or alcohol addiction recovery.

Why Attend our Suboxone Detox Center?

If you decide to try and beat your addiction alone, the obstacles you will face are considerable. More to the point though, you may actually be risking your health by going “cold turkey” without medical support. The withdrawal symptoms alone can soon curtail your resolve, since they may include any of the following:

  • Headaches, nausea and vomiting
  • Confusion, agitation and hallucinations
  • Fever and delirium
  • Blackouts or convulsions

In the worst cases, cold turkey can result in seizures or even coma. Therefore it’s strongly recommended that you get medical help for your alcohol or drug withdrawal.

Modern medicines can not only prevent you suffering from the worst effects of withdrawal symptoms, but can also make you feel generally comfortable, decreasing the likelihood that you will turn back to drugs or alcohol as a way to relieve acute sickness and pain. Meanwhile, daily medical monitoring will ensure that the right medicines are administered and that any immediate health risks are identified and addressed.

When you arrive you will see the nurse for a intake interview. Medical history, allergies, and drug history are covered. It is important to be honest about your using and relapse. Next you will be given heroin detox medication to relieve symptoms and pain from withdrawal. If you want to go to bed that’s cool. You can eat all the snacks you want, drink gatorade, play video games, or watch movies on Netflix.

We offer group therapy and educational groups during the day and counselors are available to talk to throughout the night if you need them. The nurse is on duty 24 hours a day. Smoking is allowed in the proper area outside.

Start Your Recovery Today—the Safe Way

We can keep you safe and well while you withdraw from alcohol or drug abuse. Moreover, our detox program goes beyond initial medical care. Our team will help you prepare for the next stages of your recovery, taking steps to reduce the risk of relapse, which can easily upset your plans to be free of alcohol or drugs. Why not get started right away, by contacting the Center at (561)408-0623

Advice for heroin addict needing inpatient rehab after discharge from detox center.

Our case manager will assist you in the next phase of recovery after you discharge. You may need inpatient or residential rehab for treatment of heroin addiction or other drug of choice. There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding on substance abuse facilities available. Sometimes there are mental health issues to be considered, so a dual diagnosis facility should be looked at. You may be ready for outpatient or halfway house depending on the detox discharge assessment. Our case management team is very knowledgeable on all the latest modalities being used in the addiction field. If you are married we will assist you in finding family therapy or marriage counseling. We also provide a recovery coach to clients who wish to take advantage of this service which can be covered by insurance in most cases. President Obama has mentioned “medically assisted heroin addiction treatment” which includes long term suboxone maintenance after discharge from the detox center. There are opposing views on this program from AA and NA especially. They do not approve of longer term suboxone use or years of maintenance.