Group Therapy

Group Therapy in Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Because Togetherness is Strength

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction can be tough—at times, very tough. You must adapt to life without the one thing you previously chose as your source of strength and solace. Additionally, you must find strength from other sources to wean yourself from dependence.

As you read the text above, you might well have noted how often it refers to what you need to do. It probably seems like the burden of recovery is yours to carry. In fact that’s true, but on the other hand, the real burden is your addiction, as you will only truly realize when you’ve advanced substantially in your recovery process. The journey to sober life is not eased by the knowledge that while recovery is possible, you will never be cured. Lifelong support will be a necessary part of your release from the grip of drugs or alcohol.

Group Therapy Lightens Your Load

The value of group therapy can’t be overstated as an effective source of help and support, especially after you leave the protection of inpatient rehab. By regularly interacting with a group of peers, all of whom share your struggles, stresses, temptations, and frustrations, you become better equipped to face all those challenges and acquire much-needed strength and resilience.

Everyone in the group has something to offer. Everyone in the group has something to gain. Through the sharing of experiences, concerns and solutions, group therapy helps you acquire tools and skills enabling you to manage a life without drugs or alcohol.

Confidential, Nonjudgmental, Open and Honest

These are the key tenets of our therapy groups. Nobody will sit in judgment of your recovery efforts. Nobody will discuss your addiction or therapy outside of the group. You’ll learn to communicate openly and honestly about your experiences and concerns—something which can initially be hard after the months or years of concealment and denial that typify alcohol or drug abuse.

While the emphasis of group therapy is on peer support, you will also have access to professional guidance, to further prepare you for productive and independent living. You can depend on assistance and support beyond that required simply to manage a sober life though. Through group therapy, you will find help to repair aspects of your life damaged by your addiction.

Stepping Together to Sober Life

It would be disingenuous to tell you that anything will make it easy to beat alcohol or drug addiction. However, it’s an endeavor less arduous when shared with those who understand. Don’t tread the road to recovery alone. Contact us today at (561) 557-3858and speak to our helpful staff about joining a Stepping Sober group therapy program.

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