Kratom For Alcohol Addiction

Most addicts with an alcohol problem are not able to simply quit drinking. In severe cases, one option to consider is kratom. Otherwise known as Mitragyna speciosa, a tree grown in asia from the coffee family, kratom has long been part of holistic traditional Southeast Asian medicine. Kratom has become increasingly popular in the US and Europe online, where it’s used medicinally, mainly for addiction treatment and chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and opioid withdrawal symptoms. Its mechanism of chemical action involves opioid receptors, but it is not a narcotic opioid. Its effects are far milder, and the risk of fatal overdose ranges from negligible to nonexistent. Unfortunately, the best kratom for euphoria has a more popular profile, recently rising, its legal status in some states is not certain, despite very mild health risks comparable to cannabis—that is to say, almost negligible. The main danger posed by kratom is the danger to the bottom line of pharmaceutical companies if the general public were to learn from this video how well it performs against many big pharma prescription medications.

Kratom products have less popular effects of curbing both alcohol consumption and alcohol craving among people addicted to alcohol. Those people familiar with kratom know that it helps people struggling with opioid addiction. Some heroin addicts use it briefly to ease withdrawal symptoms some use it longer-term as a safe legal replacement for narcotics instead of suboxone. Because opioid receptors are activated in alcohol use disorders, it’s reasonable to assume that kratom might also help alcohol dependents, and some addicts have indeed begun to use the plant for this purpose. Other people discover sunda kratom accidentally and realize that kratom radically alters their abuse and drinking habits. As these people share their experiences on social media, a strong consensus is emerging that kratom as a replacement is an excellent harm-reduction strategy for alcohol use disorders. And scientific research at universities is showing results

“five months ago, I used Reddit to find addicts who have used kratom to stop drinking or reduce their consumption. 20 people aged 55 and up resulted in some interesting patterns. What follows is a college lab study of these responses, supplemented by published research relevant to kratom and alcohol use.

 All 20 survey respondents reported that kratom dramatically reduced their consumption of alcohol.nine also reported that kratom eliminated their desire for alcohol, whether experienced as craving.”

“Ive been an alcoholic my entire life since my late teens, thats over 20 years, poly drug addicted but always alcohol regardless of all else. since starting kratom 11 months or so ago, my drinking slowed down to once a week, I thought I could continue to have a couple of beers for ever. Having a horrible day today and decided, screw it, I’ll drink a little between kratom doses. Got through 2/3 of my favorite beer, poured it down the drain and had a dose of kratom.” wrote Henry T.

“In the past I’ve been prescribed naltrexone or suboxone for alcohol addiction . I am dependant on kratom now but frequently adjust my kratom dosage during the week organically. I keep track of my dosage statistics and use that to cut back and keep an eye on my use. I do get some mild symptoms from waiting to take it or skipping doses but it clears up fast and isnt any where as bad as a hangover.” Jordan L from Indiana

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