Despite widespread state and private campaigns to aid in the state’s addiction crisis in Massachusetts, nearly 2,000 people are believed to have died from opioid overdoses last year, hitting a record high. A state Department of Public Health report released Friday showed that opioids (heroin and prescription opioid medications) were confirmed as the cause of 1,465 deaths and suspected in 514 additional deaths. The overdose deaths killed five times the amount of car crash casualties.

The only way to combat the addiction crisis for those suffering with the disease is to seek proper treatment. For couples who are struggling with addiction together, they want to know what couple drug rehabs are available to them. Stepping Sober Couples Drug Rehab in Boston, MA offer information on what programs are offered for drug addicted couples.


A creditable couples drug or alcohol addiction treatment program in Boston, Massachusetts will offer a customized care plan that is unique to each individual. Each care plan is made taking into consideration the drug of abuse, time abused, and any co-occurring disorder that may be in addition to the drug use disorder.

In order to successfully recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, the proper addiction treatment programming is advised. The first level of care required is a medical detox, this ensures the drug user is safely detoxed from the harmful substance so they can begin their new journey of living a drug-free or alcohol free life.

If a couple is using drugs together, it is important that they detox from the harmful substances at the same time so they do not cause the other to relapse. There are not many drug rehab programs offered to couples that allow the couple to room together or even attend treatment at the same facility. Stepping Sober Centers believe that a couple can get sober together and work specifically with treatment rehabs that believe in this same philosophy.

Boston Couples Drug Rehab

Boston Couples Drug Rehabs will offer a detox before the couple can attend either a day-treatment or night-treatment program. Live with your significant other while receiving the drug or alcohol treatment you need. Before completing a treatment program successfully, usually you will be referred to live in a sober living facility before returning to normal everyday life integrated back into society. An important part of early recovery after a medical detox is to be held accountable to your recovery program and there is no better way to be held accountable than to be surrounded by those on the same mission as you. Call Stepping Sober Drug Rehabs now to learn more about Couples Drug Rehab in Boston, MA: (800) 518-5205.

Varieties of Addiction Treatment Programs for Couples

There are many different types of addiction treatment programs for couples. Therapies vary depending on the individual and their specific needs. The most common form of addiction treatment is based off the AA and NA “12 Steps” and this practice is an abstinence based program. There are many holistic approaches for addiction treatment, faith-based programming, MAT programming, SMART recovery, and Mindfulness approaches. Each approach varies in their ideals and care planning, but all have the same goal and that is long term sobriety for the individual battling drug or alcohol addiction.

Stepping Sober Offers Couples Rehabs In the following Massachusetts Cities:

Boston, Cape Cod, Springfield, Worcester, Cambridge, New Bedford, Brockton, Quincy, Lynn, Framingham, Somerville, Newton, Lawrence, Fall River, and many more.