Our Treatment Mission and Core Values

Unlocking the Shackles of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

At Stepping Stones Recovery Center, we believe our community prospers when its members can give their best. Alcohol and drugs rob individuals of their freedom and detracts from community wellbeing. Our mission is to help those in our community to be free from addiction and able to play their rightful, productive part in society.

Driven by Three Core Values

To succeed in our mission, the team at Top Sober Living Residence is committed to upholding the following core values:

  • Addressing Cause and Effect: Few people fall into addiction for no reason. There is almost always a root cause or, maybe more than one. Our specialists and counselors seek to identify what drives individual addiction and treat the problem at source. In practice, this means we diagnose emotional and psychological issues that co-exist with the problem of addiction. Once diagnosed, we treat these issues as part of our patients’ recovery process.
  • Client Empathy: Every member of our team knows how to put themselves in the shoes of a patient. That’s because some of us have been there ourselves. Only addicts and those who work closely with them can truly understand the challenges of getting sober. We only employ professionals who possess that level of understanding.
  • Patients as Partners: Partnership and collaboration form the basis of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. We involve you, the patient throughout and encourage you to accept ownership and accountability for your recovery effort.

addiction treatment for the family

Realizing you have a drug addiction is the first step in treatment for substance abuse. Most rehabilitation programs are modeled after 12 step meetings like AA. Group therapy is a major part of treatment while in drug rehab. Peer relationships for support are encouraged in addiction treatment centers. Most rehab facilities take clients to outside AA meetings or bring in NA groups at night.

Teaching Life Skills in Addiction Treatment Program

If you started using drugs at an early age , chances are that you have not developed any adult life skills. In treatment we teach you these living lessons. Many of our treatment centers have job placement options, resume work, and many other life skill training.

Medication Assisted Treatment Programs

For many of our programming at Stepping Sober, we work with medication assisted treatment. The medications commonly used in most MAT programming Other common medications used are SuboxoneVivitrol, Subutex, and Methadone.