Recovery Residential Treatment For Couples


What is residential or inpatient addictiom treatment?


Here at Sober Couples Recovery, we offer complete residential treatment programs for substance use disorder that allows a patient to stay in our drug and alcohol free environments while receiving the best possible care during their recovery. If needed, a patient can be admitted into our 48-72 hour detoxification programs to safely assist with the often severe withdrawal symptoms that occur when ceasing substance abuse. Addiction recovery programs last for a minimum of 30 days and up to 90 days depending on each person’s individual needs. We also provide partial hospitalization treatment programs that can aid our patients through the difficulties of detox or preventing relapse.


Sober Couples Recovery patients can partake in various scheduled activities that are geared towards building self-confidence and aiding in the recovery process. The supportive, caring environment that our experts provide is the ideal place to recover from a mild to severe addiction.


What are the benefits of couples residential treatment?


We strive to help people in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas with a well-rounded residential program offered at Sober Couples Recovery. Together with our team of experts, our patients can benefit from the supportive environment that we have created for our residents through scientifically proven traditional and alternative methods of treatment.


When entering a residential Drug addiction Recovery program, a patient can expect to receive the following benefits:

.   Around-the-clock care – We monitor all of our patients to ensure that all of their recovery needs are met every step of the way. This is especially important for those who are undergoing a detoxification program where the risk of serious withdrawal symptoms is high. There is always someone that can help through the difficult days.

.   Greater focus on recovery – Residential or inpatient programs are the most intensive form of substance abuse and addiction treatment. A patient can be taken away from environments or situations that are not conducive to their healthy recovery and put all of their focus and energy on achieving sobriety – both in the short and long term. All negative influences are removed so that our patients can have the maximum benefit of the treatment program and the best chance at recovery.

.   Structured programs – People who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol often lose structure in their lives. We provide structured programs that can help our patients form healthy patterns to their day, making it easier to break the destructive cycle of addiction. The daily activities function as a way to assist in dealing with the immediate inner turmoil experienced during initial recovery and to help build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle post-treatment.


What services are included in our residential treatment?


Addiction is a mental disorder and as with many other mental conditions, each person can be unique. What works for one couples addicted to opiates may not work for another patient who is addicted to cocaine. We therefore offer a variety of treatment methods and activities and tailor-make each treatment based on the patient’s individual needs. This ensures that each of our patients has the best chance at short and long term recovery from substance use disorder.


The range of services we provide at Drug Rehab and Recovery include the following:

.   Individual therapy sessions with our experts;

.   Personalized case management that can be adapted as the patient’s recovery needs change;

.   12-step program involvement – a proven recovery method;

.   Cognitive-behavioral therapy that assists in correcting problem areas and creating healthy responses to situations;

.   Drug and alcohol education;

.   Life skills training that helps with long-term recovery and sobriety;

.   Group therapy sessions moderated by our experts;

.   Group spirituality sessions;

.   Medication management where needed including a medical detoxification program;

.   Relapse prevention training for couples long-term recovery;

.   Our experts can treat co-occurring mental disorders in dual diagnosis cases;

.   We offer yoga classes, surfing lessons and music therapy among other alternative treatment methods.


Ideal candidates for our outpatient drug treatment


The risk of relapse is high in addiction cases with between 40 and 60 percent of recovering addicts turning to drug or alcohol abuse again. If a person has been through outpatient treatment before and subsequently relapsed, our residential program is the better option. A more intensive form of treatment such as our inpatient programs can help to prevent relapse, especially during initial recovery.


Severe addictions to drugs such as cocaine, heroin, prescription pain killers and alcohol among others should be dealt with through our residential program due to the highly addictive nature of the substances. This is especially important when the patient does not have the supportive home environment that they need during recovery.


Addiction Recovery residential treatment provides world-class therapeutic methods in a safe, comfortable environment – ideal for substance abuse recovery. Speak to our consultants today to find out how we can help you or a loved one with their recovery from addiction.

Our research on drug rehabs across the country showed many cities where married couples can not find help for addiction together. There is a need for more Treatment centers that accept couples in Boston. We interviewd 45 counselors and not one knew of any substance abuse treatment for married couples.

“My husband and I were hospitalized due to a car accident, we bacame addicted to dilaudid after multiple surgeries. We are now in recovery as a couple for 2 years.”