Being Respectful of Others During Trying Times

After the recent tragedies that have swept the nation, many of us have felt sorrow, anxiety and stress. It’s important to know that when you leave detox and while working toward your sobriety, that you’re leaning toward a better life, not using heroin, all around. Not only are you striving for peace in your life, so are others around you. In an effort to help with everyone’s progress this week’s heroin rehab blog is meant to create hope for everyone to live in a kind and loving world that we all deserve.

Teaching children respect should be a given practice. That being said, creates a question as to how people teach others how to respect those around them, even other heroin addicts. Here are some tips to remember during these tough times that should help after you complete detox.

Being polite is easy. However, it goes past kind words such as please, thank you, excuse me etc., there’s a difference between having manners and being polite especially for heroin addicts. But, they both go together. Please and Thank you are cordial words that show character and manners. You can also show politeness toward your peers in heroin rehab and others by listening.

You can listen actively to another patient in detox from heroin,  by giving them your undivided attention. Perhaps the person is having a difficult day. We all go through those. Give them the courtesy to be heard. We listen with mouths closed and ears open. This is why we have two ears and one mouth. It takes twice as much effort to listen to someone, let them be heard than it does speaking. Maybe you were raised in a family environment where everyone was addicted to heroin, and spoke over one another? Let your new sober friends that you met in the detox center become a different type of family, who allows you to be heard. But, you have to give in order to get. Practice listening skills while in rehab, they’re invaluable.

Don’t assume that everyone detoxing from heroin, knows what’s on your mind. Assumptions can and will get us in trouble every time. Never assume that your therapist in rehab knows what you’re feeling or going through. Directly ask people for the help you need. Ask people questions about heroin rehab procedures, wait for the answer, but never assume. Assumptions can create judgements and no one wants to feel they are being judged.
Teach your fellow heroin addicts in detox with you, respect if you’re a parent. We’re all in this together. As a parent, you’re creating the foundation for your kids to go out in the world and become productive members of society. That being said, take your time and really focus on your recovery from heroin addiction, and this aspect of your child’s life.


sunrise at heroin detox

Don’t miss the world with your head buried in your electronics. If you’re too busy looking at your phone, you’re missing the rest of what is going on around you. The other portion of this statement is the in polite disposition that you neglect to have when you’re ignoring people. Please remember that texting and focusing on your phone doesn’t allow you to connect with those around you , that is why they take your cell phone away while you are in the detox program. An important communication is vital and at times you may need to use your cell. However, don’t miss the chance at connecting with a good human being to pass you by because you suffer from mobile-head.

These are a few solid pieces of advice that can be carried out long after your journey after heroin rehab program has begun. We all want to live in a world with peace and these small but easy attributes will make your life become a better place. Even when others aren’t polite, you can create an environment while at the detoxification center, that allows for them to change their life.
Take the time to focus on the positive. Being positive and free from your heroin addiction,is another strong character that helps others around you show respect. It’s hard to be cruel to someone who is detoxing from heroin, and always smiling and positive. Be that beacon of light they reach out to. You just might become the shining star that other heroin addicts looks up to.
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