Clean, Homey and Comfortable Sober Living Residences

While taking part in your program at the Stepping Stones drug and alcohol recovery center, you might wish to join one of our sober living communities. If so, you’ll find our halfway house facilities to be spacious, comfortable and well-equipped. We also provide you with membership of a gym while you are staying with us. Transportation is available to take you to and from the gym and your therapy sessions/meetings.

We offer the following amenities at our sober living residences:

Suboxone treatment

  • High-speed internet with Wi-Fi access

  • Laundry facilities

  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor dining area

  • Outdoor Patio and barbeque area

  • Gym Membership

  • Modern, fully equipped kitchen

  • Roomy private and semi-private bedrooms

  • Communal, all-purpose living room

  • Television rooms with digital cable service

  • Transportation

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