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suboxone doctors


One option for treating opiate addiction problems is gaining popularity. Congress passed a new law allowing physicians who are certified to prescribe Subutex, to treat up to 300 patients at one time. Medical facilities can provide this service to patients addicted to Heroin, Morphine, and other opioid pain medications.

Find Doctors That Prescribe Suboxone

1.Call Us for help locating Suboxone doctors in your area.

2.Ask your family physician to refer you to a top notch professional.

3, Therapists who specialize in addiction will provide a list of Buprenorphine providers.

We are opening a residential substance abuse treatment center that provides medication such as suboxone, along with group therapy and individual counseling. Heroin addicts stay clean longer with the help of medications. Doctors certified to prescribe Suboxone will treat patients while they are attending inpatient rehab. This is one of the first centers using this method. The length of stay will be 2 to 4 weeks then move them to outpatient medication assisted treatment. Doctors will see the patient on a weekly basis to follow up and adjust the dosage, while the client attends group therapy 3 times per week.

Aetna and Cigna Health Insurance have both dropped preauthorization requirements for opioid addiction treatment. This will make it much easier and quicker for patient to receive suboxone maintenance from their doctors. Hopefully other health insurance carriers such as United and Blue cross Blue shield will drop their requirements for preauthorization soon.

The recovery community is slow to accept suboxone maintenance as a form of treatment for heroin addiction. Groups like Narcotics Anonymous are still completely against medication assisted treatment with Buprenorphine or Naloxone. Slowly, professionals in the addiction field are accepting suboxone.

“I became addicted to Oxycontin in 1995 ,after multiple surgeries, back then the physicians thought it was less addictive than Percocet. We have since seen evidence that Oxycodone has basically caused a heroin epidemic in this country. I first tried Buprenorphine in 1999, back then it was called Buprenex and you had to give yourself the shots. It was very expensive, easily a thousand dollars per month.”

The current form of Buprenorphine is prescribed under the brand names of suboxone(Buprenorphine and Naloxone) and Subutex (No Naloxone). It is taken in the form of sublingual strips under your tounge. The patient must be in active opiate withdrawal before administering the drug or it wont work. Your withdrawal symptoms disappear within minutes. Evidence has shown medication assisted treatment works. The government is putting a billion dollars toward medication assisted treatment eduucate physicians and help with payment for the drug.

Cost of Suboxone Maintenance

The cost for outpatient services will vary from state to state. Initial visit is $300. You give a urine test and they take blood also. An assessment of your drug addiction history and a physical examination will be done. Some clinics have in house pharmacies to dispense medicine. Follow up visits are usually $150 to $200 per week plus the price of your prescription. Your medicine will cost around $100 per week. Health insurance covers some of the pharmacy bills, but not the Buprenorphine Clinic office visit. It depends what your specific plan pays for each service. Inpatient services are usually covered with no out of pocket expense.

Suboxone Doctors Accepting New Patients

A pilot project in Palm Beach County that aims to curb the epidemic of heroin addiction, has started at JFK Hospital in Lake Worth. The goal is to stem the rising death toll from opiates, through cooperating public agencies, private sector donations and addicts who volunteer to participate in the program.

The program treats them with Suboxone, a form of the withdrawal-reversal drug buprenorphine, as soon as they arrive in the emergency room after an overdose.

Daily Visits with Certified Buprenorphine Physicians and Nurses
Kicking them back onto the street will not work, the program serves the patients with continued treatment including daily and weekly follow-up visits at home and at clinics operated by the County.

The program is new, But doctors are encouraged because 16 of the first 18 patients have stayed on suboxone maintenance.

“Seeing heroin addicts at their lowest level reach out and get help and within a few days their behavior, attitude and physical appearance changes, it has been amazing.”

Relapse rates for heroin addicts trying to get clean through abstinence can be as high as 90 percent but the “success rates” for addicts receiving medication assisted treatment from certified Suboxone doctors, and daily group counseling are about 50 percent, said Dr. Eric Graves, a Boca Raton doctor who prescribes buprenorphine for the pilot program.

How To Get Suboxone

When an overdose patient arrives at the emergency room, hospital staff alert the supervisor and his fire rescue staff.
The chief and other paramedics and a counselor come to the hospital to explain the program and offer the patient a chance to participate.
Each addict who agrees to participate is given two doses of Suboxone on the first day in the hospital. The patient is also offered a thorough check-up and counseling.
After that first day, the addict goes home. For each of the next eight days, Park and paramedics visit the patient at home, where they administer a daily dose of Suboxone. They also take vitals and discuss withdrawal symptoms.
After the eighth day, the daily home visits end and the addict becomes a patient of the Health Care District. A long-term plan is drawn up to meet the patient’s specific needs, relying on the addict to return to the district’s Lantana clinic for daily or twice-a-week follow-up appointments.

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