Substance Abuse Billing Service and Consulting

At Accurate Billing we offer Billing, training, and consulting to the addiction treatment industry.

Substance Abuse Billing Services

In the billing industry, every addiction treatment center, rehab and other organizations that deal with substance abuse have their own requirements. Contrary to popular belief, medical billing and substance abuse billing is not the same thing. With our reputed Substance Abuse Billing services, the individual and customized needs of every organization are met efficiently.

Substance abuse is a hard ailment to recover from. It can ruin a person’s life and those who get help deserve to get it for reasonable amounts. For in-patient or out-patient addiction treatment centers, this means that they have to make deals with insurance companies in order to provide good rates. Our Substance Abuse Billing Services, helps your organization focus on what is important – the patients, while we handle the payments and insurance aspects.

Addiction treatment centers have to put all their focus on the patients if they aim to help them recover. Substance abuse is one of the most common forms of addiction. It requires constant help in a drug rehab with monitoring of patients to prevent relapse and help them stay committed to sobriety.


Our substance abuse billing services take the burden of insurance and payments off the shoulders of both our clients and their customers. The services we offer are beneficial to save time and for patients to pay drug rehabs without hassle:


  • Benefits Of Treatment Center Verification


We verify all benefits within a short amount of time and make sure that the benefits listed are covered by the insurance company. This makes the process of payment and crediting smoother for the addiction treatment centers and the patients.

Claims And Addiction Treatment Center Billing Management


We handle all the claims from the institution towards the insurance company. We have some of the best claims management software that will help us handle communications between our clients and the insurance companies. There is no room for errors in our system and we make sure to get everything right, the first time around.


  • Utilization Review Management


Our URM team makes it possible for patients to get the most amount of funding as possible for long term care. A simple form needs to be filled out and we can process the rest. Patients do not have to worry about dealing with insurance companies where as insurance companies are provided with all the information they need in one go.


  • Denials Management


We can process and manage denial claims on behalf of the drug rehab center. Our experienced team is familiar with the workings of the law and can collaborate with insurance companies to make sure they pay for the patient’s addiction treatment.


  • Consulting – We have a consulting team that can review existing processes and suggest improvements. We also implement newer systems to make the billing and insurance process quicker and more efficient.


Benefits of using our Third Party Substance Abuse Billing Services

As mentioned before, substance abuse billing is different from general medical billing. By using a third party billing service, you can be assured that they understand their niche well and can handle the responsibilities far better than a general billing service. 3 major areas where we stand out against our competitors are:a

  • We can customize processes to make sure that everyone involved, especially the patients, get the best funding possible. Since we have an understanding of the billing processes from all 3 perspectives (patients, addiction treatment centers and insurance companies), we can make sure that none of the 3 parties get the short end of the stick.
  • Drug rehabs and other substance abuse treatment centers often have their own procedural codes in place. These codes let the insurance company understand exactly what the patient is being treated for and the procedures involved. Our team has the expertise required to understand the specific codes related to substance abuse and addiction treatment and can handle claims with ease.
  • We have experience working in the substance abuse billing industry and all the specifics of everyday operations. This can help your organization work faster and, more importantly, patients can get the care they need for longer periods of time. This is made possible without the need for interference from the addiction treatment center.

Why Choose Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals that have personal experience with the substance abuse treatment niche. Everyone in our organization is passionate about the niche and is keen on helping drug rehabs; treatment centers and other institutions provide the best support for their patients. At (name), we believe that the institution and its patients can benefit greatly from the taking the burden of billing away. By handing off the tasks related to billing to us, you can focus on serving patients and other important tasks. Confidentiality is a big priority for us and we have several security measures to make sure that all related data remain safe.

Are you looking for a billing service for your substance abuse treatment center? Look no further than us.