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tai-kang-ning capsules

Herbal Medicine Formula with Proven Results

Yellow Vietnam kratom is a fairly new strain to many kratom lovers and, of course, newbies. There are a few things that make yellow vietnam kratom capsules stand out from the green, red, and white strains.

The first visible difference is in the veins of the leaves. As the strain says, its veins are a yellow color. This is thought to come from the way the leaves are dried. Now, this is not a completely new strain. It comes from the red, green, or white strains. The drying process is what gives it its unique color.

Another noticeable difference in the taste. Typically, kratom has an unpleasant bitter taste. It can be hard for some to finish the kratom tea because of this. Some tend to mix kratom with juices or other beverages that can actually bring down its efficacy a bit. Yellow Vietnam is quite a different story. Many users claim it has a sweeter taste and is much easier to drink in its powder form. This makes this an ideal kratom for those who like the effects of kratom but cannot stand the bitter taste of other strains!

Tai Kang Ning works like bali kratom powder for pain as one of the renowned Chinese herbal medicine used for healing opiate addiction. This herbal remedy also goes by other names such as curing Wan and Kang Ning wan.

It will relieve withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid dependence. It is an herb with proven results. This herb is not as strong as kratom for opiate withdrawal, it does an ok job.

A study published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol abuse showed 64 addicts responded well to the herbal remedy and this lead to researchers to conclude that Tai Kang Ning is indeed effective. 

Opiate addiction

Anyone with an opioid prescription is at a risk of developing addiction. Opioids are powerful painkillers derived from the opium poppy plant. They block pain signals and are effective for acute and chronic pain.

The most commonly used opioids include;


-Heroin, an illegal drug


-Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid

-Oxycodone and many more

Longer term use of these drugs always lead to addiction and when misused, can lead to a fatal overdose. Opioids trigger the release of endorphins hence the irresistible craving. 

They boosts feelings of pleasure. Symptoms of addiction include the following;

-Body aches


-Increased heart rate



Traditional chin

Tai Kang Ning is being sought as an aid in overcoming withdrawal from opioid medications. Addiction symptoms are unpleasant and it is extremely important to alleviate them.

This herbal remedy is perfect for people;

-Who have decided to completely discontinue using opioids

-Already addicted to opioids and want to quit them

Most doctors would advise to lower the dose of the opioids to give body time to adjust.  After a period of 1 or 2 weeks, you can start to take Tai Kang Ning which will block the effects of opioids in your brain.

What is Tai Kang Ning?

Tai Kang Ning is a herbal medicine from China that is effective in the treatment of opioid withdrawal syndrome. Several studies has shown that this herbal remedy actually manages withdrawal symptoms. 

Tai Kang Ning is also known as curing pills or Kang Ning wan. It was named curing pill because it is able to treat a variety of conditions and digestive problems. They include stomach flu, acid reflux, diarrhea, food poisoning, just to name a few. 

Taking Tai Kang Ning to ease Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

When trying to get sober, there are many things you can do to help yourself. Follow these steps;

-Slowly reduce the opiate doses

-Tai Kang Ning will help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms

-Do not forget to drink plenty of water, this will help to replace water lost during diarrhea and vomiting. 

-Avoid distractions and you can keep your mind busy with yoga, movies and books. This will distract your cravings from your addiction. Yoga will reduce the cravings.

Research Studies on Tai Kang Ning

a traditional medicine for detoxification of Heroin addicts

There was a study done on a 51 year old man with a 15 year history of heroin dependence. 

The subject used heroin to relieve work stress but he got used to it and developed withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, perspiration when he tried to stop the drugs.

He explained that the addiction lead to disruption of his personal relationship, severe financial stress since heroin is expensive and loss of productivity. 

Under the direction of his friend, he visited MMT clinic of Taipei City Hospital Yang Ming Branch where he was given Tai Kang Ning. Over a period of 3 months, his withdrawal symptoms gradually reduced.

The second study was published in the American journal of drug and alcohol abuse, on 23/4/2008.  64 patients were treated with Tai Kang Ning for 10 days. They all had acute heroin withdrawal syndrome and all showed improvements by the third day of the study.

The efficacy and safety of Tai-Kang-Ning (TKN) capsule, a traditional Chinese medicine formula, for the treatment of acute heroin withdrawal syndrome were investigated by conducting a double-blind, double-dummy, positive-controlled, and randomized trial. Sixty-four patients with acute heroin withdrawal syndrome were recruited. These patients were treated with either TKN or lofexidine in a fixed schedule of doses for 10 days. The results indicate that both treatments significantly reduced withdrawal symptoms by day 3, but there was no significant difference overall between lofexidine and TKN in efficacy or safety. These results demonstrate that TKN is effective in the treatment of moderate-to-severe acute heroin withdrawal syndrome with mild adverse effects.

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