U Finer

U'finer capsules for addiction

The latest research studies have shown U’Finer capsules can rebuild parts of your brain that have been destroyed from long term heroin addiction and opiate pain pills abuse.

Chronic opiate abuse and exposure to heroin is associated with structural changes in in your brain. Mostly in your dopaminergic (DA) neurones. The present research study examined the rebuilding effects of a new herbal medicine, U’finer capsule, on the brain corpus striatum and DA systems, comparing pre- and post- treatment in 36 heroin or opiate painkiller-dependent patients. Neuroimaging studies were performed by using single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) with 99mTc-TRODAT-1 as radiotracer. The results show that U’finer significantly repaired the damaged bilateral corpus striatum, restoring it to a ‘panda eye’ shape, analogous in size and shape to that of the healthy volunteers. DA transporter (DAT) function in the bilateral corpus striatum was restored to a normal state after recovery from neurotoxic insult. These findings suggest that U’finer is a reliable herbal medicine in the treatment of heroin dependency.

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