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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Widely accepted publications are now promoting this method for opiate addiction. Long term suboxone maintenance programs might become acceptable in the drug rehab world. Presently if you mention MAT as a treatment you will be immediately ridiculed and outcast from the heroin addiction field. It is so ingrained in peoples minds that they cant see reason. 60% fewer deaths when suboxone program compared with 12 step abstinence , how much clearer can it be said and yet we hear,”he or she is just replacing heroin with another drug.” Sounds crazy right? There is no logical reasoning to argue with less death, but everyday the majority of professionals take this very stance.

Integrated Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Whether you choose to begin your journey to sobriety and wellness by joining a sober living community or you prefer to fight your addiction with loved ones around you in your own home, our intensive outpatient program is tailored specifically to your recovery needs. Our program is also suitable for continued recovery treatment if you are exiting a residential drug rehab program or taking the next step after inpatient treatment for alcoholism.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

The Stepping Sober Intensive Outpatient Program follows an exclusive curriculum designed to prevent relapse during your recovery. When you join the program, our first task is to gather information as a precursor to your treatment. This step is critical for us to arrive at a treatment plan optimized for your particular set of circumstances. Specifically, we will gather the following information relating to your treatment:

  • We’ll identify any previous treatment you’ve been receiving and the progress that’s been made

  • We’ll ask you and your family members about the symptoms of your addiction

  • We’ll want to know about any issues existing between you and your family or friends

  • We’ll need you to tell us about the challenges you face at work (or at school if you are a student)

  • We’ll explore your general medical and psychiatric history

Heroin Detox

Detoxing From Heroin

“My opiate abuse landed me in county jail in 2003, I was under the false impression they would let me take my oxycontin while incarcerated.that’s crazy right? So I was put in the infirmary for detoxification which was non medicated except for clonidine for blood pressure. Most of the week was spent curled up on the floor from heroin withdrawals. In a few days I was moved to a population cell where my body was still detoxing for weeks. Some county jails in Chicago and Pittsburgh are implementing medical detox using suboxone. I would have loved if the Palm Beach County Lockup had this program. The more effective treatment for heroin addiction, medically assisted treatment is being popularized by President Obama and the statistics show it prevents more deaths than 12 step programs.” Why are drug rehab centers and professionals in the field so against suboxone use except in detoxification? This question needs to be answered because the statistics don’t lie.Maybe the tide is starting to turn and long held beliefs in the heroin addiction professional field may start changing. Look, the truth cant be held back. Suboxone maintenance keeps addicts alive and productive. Once a popular detox medication, Buprenorphine has been more successful than the industry standard 12 step abstinence model.

Once we have the required information, a number of our specialists will assess your psychiatric and medical status. This will enable our team to develop an addiction treatment program comprising a range of elective therapies. From there, the therapists will consult with you to jointly decide which treatments are most suitable to secure your progress towards sober living.

Intensive Support on the Road to Sober Living

When your treatment plan is implemented, we’ll be sharing your progress every step of the way. Our intensive outpatient program is purposely designed to compensate for the missing protection that you would otherwise have in a residential drug rehab or alcohol recovery program. This means you can stay at home and still receive effective treatment.

Alternatively, if you prefer to make your recovery in a more protective environment, you can join one of our sober living communities, where a structured framework and the support of a peer-group can make it easier to avoid relapse. If you’d like to explore these options further, we’re ready and waiting to help you at (561) 557-3858. Call now and we’ll start working on your recovery—together.

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