Sober Living

2022 Update: Stepping Sober is no longer in operation. Please visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adminstration (SAMHSA) to find treatment centers near you. 

An Environment For Positive Change

Supportive And Caring Sober Living For Addiction Recovery

When you are recovering from alcoholism or drug abuse, your support network makes a serious difference to your chances of staying sober and returning to a productive life. Your family, friends and others in your community, as well-meaning as they may be, are not always the best people to support your recovery progress.

That’s why sober living communities are the preferred choice of environment for many recovering addicts. By surrounding you with people who are experiencing the same challenges as yourself, providing structure, education, and therapy, our sober living residences create conditions that promote sustained recovery progress.

More Than Just a Halfway House

While in residence at a recovery residence or halfway house, you benefit from more than just the alcohol and drug-free environment. Whether you come to us fresh from residential drug rehab or an inpatient alcohol recovery facility, or you simply choose to step away from your home community for a while, our sober living program plays an active role in your recovery.

While staying with us, you will attend an outpatient addiction treatment program. You will also go to work at your regular employment or invest your time in seeking work. We’ll help you every step of the way with education and activities that equip you for your ultimate return to independent sober living back at home.

Comfort, Care, Security and Structure of Sober living

A sober living community is homely, comfortable and well-equipped. At the same time, a certain amount of structure is maintained, although the environment is relaxed and friendly. There are a few house rules that must be followed and everyone plays their part in managing tasks and chores. Naturally, abstinence from alcohol or drugs is the most strictly enforced condition of residence.

Perhaps most importantly, staying at a halfway house protects you from the factors which might otherwise impede your recovery. The environment is therapeutic and you have access to the professional help you need. You’ll be living with a same-sex group of peers who are also on the road to recovery and with whom you will interact at regular meetings. This is really the best support network anyone recovering from addiction can access—made up of those who really know what you are feeling and experiencing as you transition from addiction to sobriety.

Come and Stay Awhile

Nobody knows as you do how vulnerable you are, when taking the decisive step to attend outpatient drug rehab. A sober living community can ease many of the everyday pressures which make it seemingly impossible to beat your addiction. To find out more about life at our sober living residences, call us today at (561) 557-3858.